Which GPS-map is better for my use...I need your Aussie-experience

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    Aug 9, 2008
    Just bought a Garmin "GPSmap 60CSX" in order find the right way and the next gas station for my upcomming ride trough the outback on a bloody dirtbike.
    The trip will be like Melbourne, Alice, Perth, Bungle Bungles, Cape York, Cairns, everything but the straight way, as much off-road as possible.

    In order to find the best map for the Garmin I already contacted the Garmin-support.
    I told them about the details of the route.
    They told me to use the "city-navigator" which seems to me like a brand new option, because I dont want to ride citys...I want to ride dirt!

    For me the most important thing is a detailed track-exposure, and the POI┬┤s like gas sations, campsides, and ...sexshops:evil

    Maybe some of you already did an outback trip aided by GPS.
    Would be great to get information from ppl who have made experience with the Aussie-GPSmaps.

    Thanks mates.
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