Which new bike to get?

Discussion in 'Japanese polycylindered adventure bikes' started by boarshead, Jul 30, 2019.

  1. ukiboy

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    Feb 14, 2013
    Definitely slower than the R1200GS, it’s giving away 200cc’s and it’s 30hp down.
    Weight wise a manual 2018 standard AT is, according my Haynes Manual, 230kg which I’m sure is lighter than the GS.
    And like you say it’s cheap in comparison to the BM, especially in running costs.
  2. hombacher

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    Feb 21, 2009
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    There is a Italian video online covering the comparison of so called mid size adventure bikes. The off the road capabilities were tested also. You will find the mentioned Triumph, the little GS, both 790 KTMs, the AT and the all new Tenere 700.

    Last years winner of the Italian shoot out was 1090R. A very good bike which was sold dirt cheap at the end due to the very low sales figures here in Germany. Actually it is the 790, which nobody wants to buy. We will see which discount campaigns will pop up in winter...

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    Aug 23, 2013
    Indonesia - traffic madness and paradise touring
    I've just put down a deposit for the 790 adv R. I love my 2013 F800GSA especially on long hauls but the top heavy thing is finally getting to me - i travel with luggage plus equipment. In traffic it's a bit tricky at slow speeds, and tight turning on small roads can be a bit of project. I haven't actually test ridden the 790 R but I have watched a lot of the test rides and read enough reviews to figure that this could really be the one for me. I'm not a heavy duty off roader, but in my work (photography and film making at the grassroots here in Indonesia) I inevitably find my self doing at least 10-20km of rough roads per trip. I've been on a few single tracks with the BMW (when I was volunteering on volcano evacuation on Bali) seriously wondering wtf I was doing there. Time for something that inspires more confidence.
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    I went from a GSAw to an Africa Twin and love the change. Being more narrow and with a 21" front the AT feels more like an airhead GS only with a lot more power and braking. The AT works quite well on paved roads and actually great on dirt and gravel (far nicer than a GS), in fact I find it easier to ride on gravel/dirt than a DR650 (which I've owned a couple of). I hope the 2020 changes include tubeless wheels and cruise.