Who are you? - April 2017 - Santander to Plymouth

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    Jul 21, 2017

    Last April I took the ferry from Plymouth to Santander and spent a couple of weeks weaving around the Pyranees. Fantastic open roads....alongside slightly older fantastic open roads, the odd car or bike, a dearth of restaurants when I was hungary, some fantastic restaurants, splendid ancient caves, friendly people, beautiful countryside and an enormous wind when riding up into France near Barcelona.

    After threading my way back from France I arrived in Santander drenched from rain. Queing up for the ferry I met a bunch of bikers and we killed time in the cafe. Later, on the ferry, we had an excellent evening in the bar while watching stage magicians being mostly ignored by everyone.

    They (the bikers not the magicians) told me of this web site and I signed up with a view to keepign in touch.....'owever..........I've now forgotten their names.
    I was on a black BMW R850R....they were on BMWs 850 to 1200 I think.......plus there was a guy on an enormous Honda Gold WIng 1600 with a rack big enough to carry a landrover.
    Two couples....one lot from up north......one lot not. ... My Name Nigel........if you're out there get in touch and maybe we'll collide again one day.

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    Isn't that the way of it?

    I'm now brave enough to ask for names and take notes on my cell so I can flesh out details for my blog or to make contact in the future.

    I was even thinking of printing up contact cards or a sticker for my bike. Lol.

    You meet some fantastic people on a trip.

    Are you going to tell us more about your ride? :)