Who started riding after age 30

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    Aug 31, 2009
    Depends alot on what bike and riding you are doing.If your starting racing motos thats alot diff than just adventure riding and riding gravel roads.
    Best thing is get the fundementals down like braking turning and ballance.
    Your mom will get used to you riding,mine did.Unless everytime you ride you come home blooding or carrying your arm in the house after a ride.
  2. goatmeal

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    Apr 19, 2011
    Western Mass
    What was your first bike?
    Suzuki TU250X - bought in 2011 at 33 years old

    How do you feel about starting so late?
    For me it's just made sense. I wanted a bike since I was young but just never pursued it hard. I think starting later has made me a much better rider than if I started young. I'm definitely am more cautious that I would have been at 18.

    What bikes have you progressed to / thru?
    BMW Dakar - love having a dual sport.
  3. WarHorse1961

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    Jul 4, 2010
    Omaha, NE
    I bought my first bike, a 1989 Honda TransAlp, last year, shortly after I turned 50.

    I had ridden in the early '80's, borrowing friends bikes. I had always wanted one after that, but for some reason never got around to getting one. After I got married in the early '90s, my wife told me she would NEVER get on the back of one with me. (I'm pretty much a klutz, so I can understand) Well, that kinda put a damper on things. I'd love to have her on board with me, but if she's not willing, well....

    When I turned 50, I just told myself, "Get a bike, dammit! You've always wanted one, so just do it!"

    Looking around, there's a plethora of them. Hmm, which one? One day, mikeegee told me "Get a bike that sings to you." I saw an ad for the TransAlp, and I gotta say, that bike sings to me. It's a beautiful bike. So, I pulled the trigger on got her.

    Funny thing is, shortly after I got it, the wife asked me for a ride around the block. Ha! I haven't gotten her on board any more than that, but it's a start! If only she'd said that years ago...
  4. sheik_e

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    Aug 24, 2012
    Courtice, ON
    I started this fall at 50 by taking a course near Toronto. I always wanted a bike since I was in grade school. I remember spending all my lunch money on the Rupp 50 (I think) that they sold rides on at the Bowmanville Zoo when I was maybe 9. I rode friends bikes at most 20 min. (Honda 75, RD 250, Can Am 250, 650 Nighthawk, GS 1100) but nothing serious.

    I'm basically pissed that I waited so long. I see all the trips that people have done and I wonder wtf was I thinking waiting this long!

    My 1997 BMW F650 (116 000K) is sort of in parts at the moment. I thought I'd try and repair the trip meter that was stuck. Since I suck at anything involving my hands I should not have been surprised that I spent 4 hours and accomplished nothing but breaking a half dozen parts, cursing hundreds of times and throwing everything back in the garage. I am actually on line looking for a motorcycle repair course :-)

    I have no immediate plans to buy another although I have to consider how much to put in to this thing. It needs bits here and there but at $100 a time it seems, that adds up fast (wind screen, battery, tires, suspension, head light, tail light, seat, panniers, voltage reg...)

    Hopefully things will be ready for my trip round Lake Superior this summer...hear's hoping!
  5. genespleen

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    Feb 5, 2010
    Bought my first bike in 2001, as an attempt to avoid finishing my dissertation. Didn't work. It was an '85 Honda CB650 Nighthawk, which I still ride. Haven't progressed to anything beyond it, partly because I like it so much, and partly because I'm trying to avoid a new money pit.

  6. Bogfarth

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    Dec 26, 2011
    The Northwet

    I was thinking it was cheaper than trying to buy/own a car on a college student's budget. Plus it was better than public transportation. Mom did what mom's do: she worried. She still does, but not as much.

    '01 V-Star 650 Custom. I still have it a year and a half later, and I still love most of it. The seat and leg room leave something to be desired, though. I'm in the process of building a dash between the risers that will house relocated idiot lights, a headlight kill-switch, and other bits. After that, LED turn signals, an electronic flasher, and it does need a top box...

    Starting late? As long as you're on two wheels, it just don't matter when you start. Now if school would just quit getting in the way of great riding weather!

    I'd like to try a VFR800, or maybe an F800 ST once money opens up. It isn't so much the power I want as better comfort and maneuverability.
  7. shwaz

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    Aug 5, 2011
    NJ the oranges
    33, bought a 1979 suzuki gs850

    been mountain biking since i was about 12, really casual until about age 22 when i lived in cali got a bonus check and bought a nice bike. rode mtb for another 10 years before admitting that while i LOVED that (and i truly do) i also want to ride 2 wheels on the street, and off it.

    the offroad came later though.

    - picked up the GS850 about 2 weeks after my road test, fixed the hell out of it, rode it, fixed it more, rode it a bit, fixed, rode, fixed, broke it to hell while exploring/learning, fixed, broke, rode (repeat repeat repeat)
    - bought a gs1000 project bike cause it was just so goddamn pretty. still working on that.
    - bought a DL650 cause:
    a) i was sick of working on my 850 when it was broken, and
    b) i was sick of waiting for it to warm up in the winter when it was working, and
    c) our first kid was coming soon and i figured i better goddam well spend the money now before it all goes away. so while my other expecting dad friends were selling their bikes, i was buying another one.

    taken the wee offroad a little bit, rode it up and down a moderate slope that would be easy on a dirtbike but almost made me cry.
    sold the 850
    still working on teh 1000
    34 now. been a busy year. 3 new bikes, a kid, sold a motorcycle, a bicycle and getting myself on ever more forums.

    so hi to everyone on this "old man" thread :clap

  8. atomicalex

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    May 21, 2012
    Detroit mostly
    "WTF were you thinking?" - Mostly about that guy I saw in Philly so many years ago, riding a blue-ish R65, wearing a grey textile suit, and falling in love with the pretty bike. Wanted to realize a dream.

    2. What was your first bike? - 2004 F650GSa

    3. How do you feel about starting so late? - Wish I'd started sooner. Glad I waited to get good instruction. Wish I'd looked for good instruction sooner!

    4. What bikes have you progressed to / thru? - Still on the first one.
  9. melville

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    Jun 19, 2010
    Behind the Redwood Curtain
    1. Question was asked of Mrs. melville, who surprised me with a BMW project for my 40th birthday. Project took five years, though, and even that was a bit quick for her.

    2. Said same bike is a 1975 R75/6.

    3. Probably a good thing as regards my personal tolerance for risk and changing penchant for thrill seeking--I'm riding the MC more like I drive my VW Buses and less like I ride (and useta race) a bicycle.

    4. Still on the same bike. Future bikes will likely be more regressive than progressive--Nortons and BSAs are tempting.
  10. markbvt

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    Sep 26, 2007
    Georgia, Vermont (that's one town, not two states)
    1. I started riding at age 33; it was something I'd kind of wanted to do for years and finally got around to signing up for the MSF class.

    2. First bike was a 1990 Yamaha XT350. I rode that for a few months, then got my '01 Triumph Bonneville.

    3. I wish I'd started riding earlier.

    4. Still have the Bonnie. Picked up my XR650L a couple of years later. Bought a V-Strom 650 in 2008, put 40,000 miles on that, then bought my Tiger in 2011 and sold the V-Strom to my dad. (The XT350, by the way, has been through a couple of my friends' hands in the intervening years.)

  11. Chris01011

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    Feb 2, 2012
    Started riding at 34.

    1) WTF was I thinking? Always wanted a bike, but other interests took priority until now.

    2) First bike? A 1987 Suzuki GN250.

    3) How do I feel about starting so late? I feel more sensible. Control, situational awareness, and prudence are far more evolved now than when I was a new driver in my late teens.

    4) Bike evolution...

    1st - 1987 Suzuki GN250 - 4,000 miles in 3 months, then sold to a friend for his first bike.

    2nd - 2011 Honda CBR250 - 6,000 miles in 3 months, then sold to somebody else for their first bike.

    3rd - 2012 Honda NC700X - 0 miles yet, but they will pile on soon enough.

  12. Kent Glasscock

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    Jun 28, 2011
    Yadkinville, NC
    I was 30. Dad had an old 78 Honda 550 that ran but was just sitting there in the garage not being used. Practiced around the neighborhood and like it (getting no faster than 3rd gear maybe). Took the written test to get my learners permit. This was summer time on the coast of NC where traffic can be bad and dangerous from the tourists that come down and don't know where they're going. Tried to ride at sometime every day. I moved to Winston Salem and bought it off of him. After a year of riding it, I purchased an 2002 Honda Shadow 750. Had that for 9 years before getting my KLR. I've learned a lot in the last 11 years and still have much more to learn. Now, I'm practicing my off roading skills.
  13. ktrout01

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    Nov 18, 2009
    Cheyenne, WY
    Took the MSF and bought my first bike (TW200) at 48. I've got three bikes in the garage now and I ride 12 months. I sure wish that I would have started riding earlier but there were kids, child support, bills, everyone knows the sad tale of woe. There's never enough time for riding and never enough cash for the toys. I'm willing to sell off a couple of the bikes to fund a new R1200GS but the queen of the budget says otherwise.
  14. Rocketdoc

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    Nov 11, 2010
    Tucson, AZ
    Let my son put the idea of getting a bike into my head, 50.

    Talked to some people at work, took the basic rider course and got my motorcycle endorsement, 51.

    Finally bought my first bike ever, 52.

    Learning to ride, never gets old.
  15. Blame Canada

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    Apr 7, 2013
    So, I finally got off my ass, and took a Riding Course (Vtwin Motorcycle School thru UCFV).

    I'm 38, and sat on a motorcycle for the first time on Monday at 8:30am. I was riding figure 8's in the parking lot by 11:00am!!

    Passed the MSA 11:00 on Tuesday (skills test required in BC).

    Then spent the Thursday road riding around town, and Friday doing Freeway, Highway, heavy downtown traffic, & back roads.

    (Also, two evenings of classroom theory in the prior week)

    What a blast. Why o why did I wait so long?!!!

    I regret not learning earlier, so I'd be more experienced now that I have family responsibilities.
  16. BillsburgGS

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    Sep 22, 2010
    Glendale - St. Louis, MO
    First rode when I was 44, now I am 50.

    I'd been watching riders all spring and summer and just decided that at 44 if I wasn't going to do it now I never would. Despite parents, friends, wife, etc. saying "its too dangerous" I figured eh....44 is probably old enough to decide for myself.

    I made that decision on a Tuesday evening. That Friday night I started my weekend MSF class and finished it on Sunday. I passed the road test that next Friday morning and bought a used Honda Shadow 10 days after first deciding to try riding.

    The next spring I bought a Harley Road King Classic, and 2 years later swapped it out for an F800 GS.. Third times a charm.
  17. philincr

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    Jul 19, 2012
    About 17 years old I brought up the idea of a motorcycle. The response was to take my clothes with me when I pick it up since I wouldn't be allowed to live at home if I bought it. Wasn't ready to move out of the house so no bike. Never gave it much thought after that. Then about 40 years old decided to take the MSF course. Before buying a bike I decided to start my own business which didn't leave enough money to buy a bike. At 48 I moved to the end of a dirt road on a peninsula in Costa Rica. I didn't have a vehicle and the nearest towns were about 20 miles away by community bus or 45 minutes by boat, neither of which ran every day. I finally bought a Suzuki 125 with a milk crate top case and a machete. Actually enjoyed and rode it there for a year and a half. Now you have to realize, I am 6'2", 260 pounds and I felt like the clown in the circus. That little thing cried over each bump. Now at 53 I finally bought a Vstrom DL1000 and have been able to only put on about a thousand miles. Yesterday was the first day I finally really felt comfortable on a motorcycle on the highway, in city traffic and alone in the mountains. I'm really looking forward to where this can lead.
  18. davidbeinct

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    Aug 31, 2010
    Waterford, CT
    Started riding at 40, ten years ago. Had plenty of friends who rode when younger, always liked bikes, parent, especially mother, very anti-motorcycle.

    "WTF were you thinking?"

    I was considering some sort of a project car, one of my dream cars from my youth. Got chatting with some guys at a clam shack who were touring the east coast on euro-bikes (BMWs and Ducatis). They had good gear and seemed to take an adult approach, different from the cruise around with no helmet in nice weather guys I was used to seeing. I realized that I could get more performance bang for my buck with a bike than fixing up an old Lancia or Porsche.

    2. What was your first bike?

    Kawasaki KL250 Super Sherpa. Took the BRC, spent lots of time practicing on back roads and in dirt. Loved the dirt riding, but it's a lot easier to find places to ride my mountain bike.

    3. How do you feel about starting so late?

    Great. Kinda glad I didn't start in my teens or twenties. Would like to continue my education with a track school.

    4. What bikes have you progressed to / thru?

    From the Sherpa went to a Ducati Monster 620, from there to a Moto Guzzi Breva 1100.

    David B.
  19. dvebe9

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    Mar 15, 2013
    I'll phrase the first question in my Mom's exact words, "WTF were you thinking?" (5 years later her opinion hasn't changed)

    - Will be starting at the end of this month (April 2013) at 30 years of age, as for what I was thinking... Always been interested in bikes and figured that if I do not get on one now I never will, so I went on a novice course to see if it actually was for me and the answer was a big yes.

    2. What was your first bike?

    - 2013 BMW F800GS (collecting soon)

    3. How do you feel about starting so late?

    - Indifferent to be honest, now that I am actually doing it I guess would like to have started sooner, but I recon I have gotten most of the "youthful exuberance" out of my system and am not getting into it for the thrills but for the enjoyment.

    4. What bikes have you progressed to / thru?

    - None... yet.
  20. quasigentrified

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    Feb 17, 2013
    Bothell, WA
    rode a dirt bike -- a xr80, i think it was (plastic was loooong gone), from age 11 to 15. it was a duct taped, fourth-hand abomination, but i LOVED it. then my second cousin killed himself in a dumb dirt bike accident (he was drunk), and my dad got rid of the bike. i was soo pissed. however, we got an amiga computer and i got obsessed with programming, and kinda forgot about it, plus all my friends had moved onto expensive atvs/three-wheelers which my poor-ass fam couldn't afford.

    later, at age 36, i was in kona with my wife and we rented a scooter for the heck of it. no idea what came over me, but i became OBSESSED with bikes. took the msf course when we got back and bought a ratty old 1995 cbr250 off of a friend. i rode the crap out of it, but my carpal tunnel had been getting progressively worse in my left hand, and even the moderately gentle clutch on the 250 really aggravated it. i was off the bike for almost a year due to multiple surgeries and i figured i wasn't gonna ride a bike, so i got a scooter -- a honda sh150i. it was a blast, but i still wanted a proper-ish bike, so i bought a 2010 aprilia mana 850 gt, which i started using as a commuter. it really kindled my love of riding to a new level, and went all over the west side of the state on it. (i think my wife was getting worried i had a mistress or something! NO-ONE BUT THE HIGHWAY, BABY.) put about 3K on it that year.

    however, fuckin' carpal tunnel was getting worse, and i had another surgery -- and the slightly sporty (albeit upright position) was still causing my hand to really cramp/spasm badly due to the occasional weight i'd put on it. i'd also bought a sportcity 250 just, uhhhhh, 'cuz, and i wound up using it more for commuting than the mana because the scooter seating position kept me straighter and i didn't roll into work with my hand feeling like i'd stuck it in that gom jabbar box from dune. this year, i upgraded the sportcity to a bv 350 for a better freeway commute experience, and i'm reluctantly trading the mana down for the more cruiser like ctx700. i'm hoping the ctx700 pans out, or at nearly 40, i'm kinda screwed for any sort of motorcycling experience over thirty minutes or so (unless they get some sort of magic pill for early-onset arthritis and carpal tunnel). :-(

    at my barely middle-age, sticking to scooters seems WAY too limiting, but the auto bike selection is paltry -- it's the mana or one of honda's dct bikes. maxi-scoots are -- and no offense -- the domain of really old dudes who have retired from their mega-bikes, and i'm just not ready for that image. (i occasionally feel the bv 350 is drifting into that image, but needs must. also it is an AWESOME scoot.)

    ah well, if my busted-ass hand limits my riding, then i'm saying fuck it and riding short stints on a street triple r. :evil :D