Who's riding with fused vertebrae?

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  1. Emmett

    Emmett Been here awhile Supporter

    Mar 9, 2017
    New Orleans
    Three fused vert in my neck with a titanium plate, 65 yo, just completed a 6,153 mile trip, no immediate plans to stop riding.
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  2. dogsslober

    dogsslober No neck tie, Ti neck

    Feb 10, 2009
    Morgan Hill Ca
    Broke my neck and upper back in 2007, I'm 60 now. I still ride dirt bikes and mountain bike. If I listen to the Doctor I'd be just riding the couch, F that
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  3. markk53

    markk53 jack of all trades...

    Dec 20, 2007
    Delaware Ohio
    C5-C7 (actually T1) wearing a Leatt neck brace for safety when off roading. Don't want to break any more of them, that'd be catastrophic.
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  4. pops

    pops Long timer

    May 15, 2007
    Stirling North South Australia
    Wow, where has all the years gone to ?
    6 weeks now, totaly drug free. After 7 odd years of pain medication, definitely not my recommendation, to just lock oneself away for two weeks to quit .
    Even with the strife i have had after my operations, i would still go ahead with the fusions. Just not under my original surgeon.
    Hopefully all posting on here ,are getting stronger and enjoying life , pain free .
  5. 2old2Bbold

    2old2Bbold was 2bold2getold

    Dec 10, 2011
    Arlington, Texas
    8th grade football screwed up my neck. Not sure the doc at the ostio hospital didn't do more harm than the guy that stumbled in to my head/neck. From that day on, every time I move my head I get all kinds of crunching noises in my neck...still to this day. I rode enduros for a couple of years but the neck pain was really bad. Switched to trials for several years and that was much better...in every way. Got in to cycling (big time), ran a couple of marathons and triathalons. and didn't ride bikes for a few years. My old riding buddies started taking trips to Mexico so I got another bike to go on the DS type rides they were doing in MX and CO. In the mean time I'm still in to cycling and climbing. Climbed some 14ers in CO, Orizaba in MX and McKinley (Denali) in Alaska. Fast forward 30 years from the original injury and I wake up one morning with my left side tingling, like it's asleep, form my arm pit to my foot and split right down the middle. It took several months for the docs to figure out 2 disks were pushing in to my spinal cord. The surgery doc says do the surgery or you my not be able to walk. Well he does the fusions, c5-c6 and c6-c7, with bone from my left hip. The numb one. :D I stay in the hospital about a week and they send me home with a plastic/foam velcro neck brace and say I shouldn't drive for a while. I didn't ask about bikes or anything else. Learned a long tome ago....don't ask a question that might have NO for an answer. So I walked the 2 1/2 miles to work and back every day for a couple of weeks till a finally figured out it was more dangerous walking than driving. Almost got hit a couple of times by drivers not paying attention. The doc keeps me in the neck brace for about 6 months. Maybe he knew what I was probably going to do if I could get loose from that neck brace but I think he was just covering his ass. Anyway soon after that I was on a modified exercise program that I got from the therapy people gave me. Modified because some of the moves seemed to do some good, some didn't, and some seemed harmful. Mostly core work and added some upper body strength exercise I was already doing for climbing. Also started bicycle riding again which took care of everything else. One year after the surgery I went to Europe with 3 friends and climbed the Eiger and Mont Blanc. Fun stuff. Been riding ever since, mostly street legal dirt bikes on DS type rides, COBDR, NMBDR, CDR, CO jeep trail type stuff. Got a 2013 KTM450xcw a couple of years ago and love it. Still can't fell my left side and my neck still goes crunch, crunch every time I move it. I'll be 75yo next Feb. :thumb
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  6. BuckeyeDoug

    BuckeyeDoug Not a Pirate

    Dec 22, 2015
    Huntsville, AL
    L4-L5-S1 fusion in 2006 at 42 years old. Over a year recovery before I even jumped off a curb. Bought a hardtail chopper in 2008 and never looked back. Still ride in the woods single track too.
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  7. jeffmackvision

    jeffmackvision Boob man Supporter

    Mar 19, 2011
    Marietta, Georgia
    C6-C7 for me. Just a little weakness in left tricep from nerv damage. But no pain. Can ride forever
  8. John Havilah

    John Havilah Been here awhile Supporter

    Jul 19, 2007
    While recovering from a 5 level fusion in 2012 I sold my 2008 GSA, all my gear and said goodby to the lifestyle, this site and many other good things in life. Unfortunately, I thought life would only get worse, and it did. It got really bad, 80 lbs of fat, lots of meds, 8 more surgeries with 2 failures of hardware, and a visit into a very very dark hole called life for almost the past 6 years.

    I never dumped my doctor and he never abandoned me. He gave me options and answers but never pushed. In August 2019 before entering surgery in self absorbed agony, with 10 levels already fused, I said a final goodbye to my lovely wife, something I had never done before. I simply said I don't feel good about this one, I'm sorry, I love you and goodbye. While on the surgical table getting ready to be put under I made my peace with life, another first, and mentally said goodbye to life, I'll wake up in a better place.

    Here's my wake up:


    Something unexpected had also happened, other than waking up. Other than the pain from having two feet of my back filleted, spine drilled, broken, straightened, lengthened and who knows what else for 6 hours, I was basically pain free. I took my first steps later that night and spent another 5 days in the hospital amazing my wife, myself, doctors and everyone else. This was also the first time post surgery I wasn't hitting the pain pump every 8 minutes. If you've been there you'll understand.

    My point in all of this is that even when things seem bad, they can and may get worse. Maybe forever or maybe just maybe even after years of decline, they can sometimes get better. In my case it is the latter. I've dumped most of the meds. Yeah I still have bad days but many are good, it's just that life is different now with different limits and my good is different than other peoples "good". When I walk into the spine clinic all the nurses and staff say "you look amazing" and my doc just smiles and we talk about the future, our cows and ranch, fun stuff. I lost 80 pounds. My scoliosis is gone, along with pre-diabetes, osteoporosis, BP is normal as well as cholesterol, I can walk again and most importantly I filled in that dark dark hole and I'm not in it. I'm happier than I've ever been in my life.

    9 months post surgery, I'm so regretting selling/giving away all of my gear and my GSA in 2012 for a song. I talked to the doc about getting back on the motorbike and he said "just don't fall or over do it", same thing he started telling me almost 20 years ago. I talked to my wife and she said "start looking for a bike, I know you loved riding, just don't over do it". For days now I've been pouring over bikes on the Flea Market, what fun. Who knows? Maybe I'll be riding again and hitting the savings for replacement gear. Little local rides in our mountains, I live on one of the best riding roads in the west right out the front gate. 1000's of miles of mountain and desert paved and dirt riding just minutes away from the garage.

    My sincerest thanks to everyone who told their stories before me on this post, they really helped me to see that a bunch of people have dealt with similar issues and decided to keep riding. Lesson learned, don't dump everything important in life and all of your riding stuff, sometimes life can and does get better again and back to normal. It's just a new normal.

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