Who's riding with fused vertebrae?

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    First to John, my other half just walked by and asked me when I had the photo taken? (It was your post) Same GS and white helmet! Then I let her read your post- "Gee, kind of like how you felt last night after replacing the hydrant and fixing the float on the stock tank! You guys are all the same!" Now that's a compliment! Just finished my morning walk and third cup of coffee and now its riding time.
    And to Mark... Strange but none of my replacement parts are due to bike crashes. Just "life", first knee blew out from a bad landing during a training exercise when I was wearing Uncle Sam green. I've lead a most adventurous life. Construction work, cowboyin', oil fields, and years as an investigator all had some rough and tumble times. Running a trap line as a kid and being a canoe and hunting guide- along with a few miss placed hammer swings and ornery cows all add up to a whole bunch of arthritis. I've known my doctor since he was in high school and he knows me. All I can say is "use it or lose it" is pretty spot on. Even that's a fine line though. Too much to soon can set you back also. "overdo it and you'll be recovering in a nursing home" was the phrase that finally got through to me. Take it slow, buy the big bottles of Ibuprofen, and focus on the fun factor. Only you can decide if its worth it or not. All the best to both, but Im "burnin' daylight" and there couldnt be a more perfect day for riding!
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    To Badlandstom,

    I noticed that Madison is the lutefisk capital of the U.S. If your significant other is Norwegian than we have even more in common. I wear the Norge flag on my left arm and U.S. flag on. my right. Funny that she thought the photos were of you. I hope the ride was fun, I cannot wait to get my motorbike back. While we are still having warm afternoons, the mornings are just fantastic. I am just so very ready for summer to be gone. Way too many fires this year and its just been too stressful, thank god for my getting the bike for riding and for just keeping my thoughts diverted from wildfires every so often. Here's a couple of photos from 5 weeks ago:
    Stagecoach 9.jpg

    Stagecoach 15.jpg

    This is my first sober fire season and sober close fire, needless to say it has taken its toll. I never realized how much easier fires are when you are popping a few cold ones, and then a few more...and more. Thankfully that long period of my life seems to be over and I may have actually survived those years of my life.

    For Mark - My parts and rather serious spine issues are due to a variety of factors, I too have the cowboyin' factor, but I worked in an office so I did the ranch life in some tough country on weekends for 20+ years and that took a big toll. We took 80 acres of raw land and made something of it. I also had a fun childhood, lots of long distance cycling, racing, one day century rides and touring. I also spent a lot of time back in the 70's skateboarding empty swimming pools, flood control channels and homemade ramps in Southern California. Add to that lots of backpacking in the Eastern Sierra's and a certain summer in the 70's that we spent doing nighttime canoe surfing in the Hermosa Beach shore pound. Well, as a result of all this fun living I ended up with some benign tumors on my spine that required removal and a 3 level fusion. That began a progression into a thing called failed back syndrome and eventually what is now an 18 level spine fusion.

    Oh, I also blew off my thumb, index and middle fingers on my left hand while doing an early grade school era experiment with some homemade devices. Thankfully that only affects my ability to hang onto my left handgrip and my dreams of being a famous classical pianist and hand model.

    I will echo Badlandstom's wise advice to please take is easy and heal before you push yourself too far too fast. I'm a casebook example of how not to do it and I'm not kidding when I say I almost didn't make it back through my journey. All I've ever done in my life is push too hard too fast. It ruined a lot of things in my life and hurt a lot of people who cared about me. While you might say "yeah, but see you made it through, just do it" I say B.S., I was just lucky, plain and simple. I could just as easy be dead or watching TV all day and night. It's easy to brush off things and talk tough when you are living but when you are dead you are dead and your only claim to fame is silence, and maybe a few nice words about you on Adv.

    I'm looking forward to another ride when I get my bike back from the shop. I truly wish you the best on your journey and in healing body, mind and soul and continued riding. I also hope that if I said anything out of line or offended you in any manner you will please accept my sincerest apologies.


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    There was discussion of doing cortisone shots, but my response has consistently been, "I can live with pain. It's God's way of saying back off a notch or to get things fixed." I am more concerned about being disabled by knee problems that I did not take care of soon enough. That is what happened with my father, taking cortisone shots to deal with the symptoms instead of fixing the problem. I can live with pain, I want the doctors to fix the problem.
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    Two level lower back spinal fusion for me last Nov, L4-L5-S1 coming up on a year now. Still quite stiff in the mornings or when stationary ie poolside chair for a while. Been riding for a few months big bumps still have a good jolt of pain think my off-road days are done and I'm a road tourer now but yes I ride.
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    Found this thread late so sorry if a repeat. Had 2 disks in my neck sucked out and the 3 verts screwed together. No issues after 30 years except I can't ride a supersport because i can't comfortably raise my head up enough to see down the road.