why are so many people selling their F800GS?

Discussion in 'Parallel Universe' started by crunchiespg, Nov 14, 2009.

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    Hahahahhaha, I can't say I miss-typed, I like stroking my F800!!!:lol3
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    From that earlier post, I am thinking this should be on a 2010 ADV T-Shirt:

    "I'm cool, a regular Steve McFuckingQueen"

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    I live in the Midwest. About equidistant from Indianapolis, Louisville,KY and Cincinati,OH.
    I have never seen a used F800GS for sale around here. I have seen a couple in this site's classifieds. There are an awful lot of Harleys, KTMs, DLs, and Hondas listed in the papers.:deal I love mine, and as fickle as I am, I never plan to sell it.
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    I'm living up here in the upper midwest and have never seen an F800GS in person, ever. Don't know if they just aren't a big seller here because of lacking dealerships or if people don't have the money or maybe just don't want them. There are a crapload of bikes all over the place here in the summer, but don't see many BMW's. Seems like a nice scooter from what I've heard......although a little expensive for an 800cc bike. Do see quite a few Triumph's and Victory's around though.
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    I rode the F800GS at Rawhyde Adventure school in California in early November(http://www.advrider.com/forums/showthread.php?t=522685). While I had a great time, the bike is too big for my 5' 7" frame. I can see how someone of short stature might quickly tire of this bike if the daily commute was full of traffic lights and stop signs.

    I actually rode two of the F800GS' as one of the bikes had a transmission/clutch problem. The other guy riding the F800GS at Rawhyde asked for an R1200GS as he just didn't like the parallel twin. It's all in the RR if you have some time on your hands.

    I put the minimum height of ownership at 5' 10" :D.

    Personally I'd like to test ride a lowered R1200GS with a low seat. The F800GS' a bit buzzy after 3-4 hours of super-slab IMHO.

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    UPS used to remove all the brand badges from their trucks years ago. Maybe he should get the bike of his choice, remove the badges, and paint it an ugly brown ... :evil

    All kidding aside, deletion of the model badges used to be an option on many German cars. That was for the Germans that were embarrassed to admit that they had the 12-cylinder versions of the Mercedes S-Class sedans, and Americans who had the cheaper 6-cylinder versions and didn't want to admit that they had bought the entry level S-Class.

    And don't forget the Turbo-look Porsches, which basically mimicked the look of the top-of-the-line 911 without the powerful engine.
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    LMAO :rofl :lol3 :poser I had to quote it so it would be saved. I will send you a PM to explain.

    As to the topic of the thread. I think it is as simple as a bad economy coupled with people buying into a riding lifestyle that they found was not for them.

    I do not think there is an unusual amount of pre-owned 800GS's on the matket.

    :rofl still laughing Thanks Joel.
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    Can someone point me into the direction of one of these F800gs for sale in Canada. I'm ready to pull the trigger, but there are no used ones out there, may have to look at a new one in the spring.
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    yeah i read the title of this thread and i was totally confused, since there are barley any for sale anywhere....
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    this is a 2 year old thread...............good luck on a used one, there wasn't any around here 2 years ago
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    I'm not trying to be a smartass but, you appear to have resurrected a thread from 2009. Perhaps conditions in the used market are a bit different in 2012.

    (I see I was beat to the punch by Machinebuilder)
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    Nov 17, 2011
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    I'll sell you mine...

    In 2015 :lol3
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    For the record, I love my F800GS. It's fast, agile in the twisties and eats dirt roads for breakfast, second breakfast, brunch, lunch and dinner. I can load it up for long range camping or ride like a squid in the mountains.

    I don't jump mine or pretend it's an "unstoppable" 250lb dirt bike. Ride it hard in the dirt and you'll taco your rims (just like the 990Adv guys) and maybe bend your shock bolt. Suspension is OK to good for my use cases, not great. I'll upgrade if and when the right solution is out there (the front forks need more attention than the rear shock).

    Probably better at being a "GS" than the big R series unless you're really into 2-up touring. I'd place it slightly more on the street side of adventure than the 990 but no bike that's loaded down with lifestyle accessories is going to handle well on the trail.

    I've ridden dirt roads in CA, NV and UT ranging from nicely graded, powdery jeep trails, rough dirt and "logged" on Anakee 2's. I've survived foamy wet Utah soil/sand on TKC's. There are way better riders out there who can push it much harder than me.

    I didn't do an awful lot to mine either:

    • Bashplate
    • Barkbusters (already saved my hand from being hit by a FLYING BRICK on the freeway)
    • Tail rack
    • Happy Trails Luggage Rack
    • Bar Risers
    • Powerlet
    • Side stand foot

    Plus the engine sounds like a box of angry wasps. :deal
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    I realise the tease that came with the OP, but in all reality, this post sums up the F800 experience.

    Such small details that have been ignored by BMW can become such a huge issue long term for an enthusiastic owner. It sounds like a whine about the bike, but when I outlay $20k in Aus dollars, I'd like to think you could actually do what the manufacturer says you can. But I can't unless I take it so cautiously that it ceases to be an adventure and takes on the feeling of a saga.

    I love the bike, it's a great concept, a really good first attempt. But BMW seem to have just left it there.

    Or as a friend of mine with business and motorcycling background says, they've done their development based on warranty claims, and only 5-10% of the actual market segment that buys the bike actually use it to it's full potential and find the issues with it.

    Hence the model has stagnated and has many "known" issues.
  15. Motoriley

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    Seems to be more big KTMs for sale around here as well as in the FM even though the F800 outsells them. The bike that I'm always amazed how many are for sale is the HP2. This was such a limited production bike and there are times when two or three are for sale. My buddy had no problem finding a minty one a few years ago locally. I think the people buy it and don't realize how hardcore a machine it is and how tall you have to be to flat foot. My buddy is 6'4" or so. As far as the F800 goes I know two people who bought it thinking it would make a nice a trail bike. One has sold it and bought a smaller KTM the other has toughed it out continues to ride the crap out of it. I've had a Toyota Sienna minivan for 8 great years. I went on the web recently to get some info on it and was amazed at home many people there were out on the web complaining they would never buy another Toyota, it was crap, big let down, what had happened to the Toyota brand. Can't please everyone I guess. Got to go, my cool-aide is ready. :1drink
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    I agree that a stock R1200GS vs a stock F800GS the 12 gets the nod for highway riding but with a new seat and a good sheild and the 800 becomes a great touring bike (I use a MRA Vario Touring Screen and it is night and difference, ran a Givi for awhile but I didn't like it)

    I wouldnt even think about selling my 8gs for a 12gs. When I bought mine the dealer had a screaming deal for a left over 12 and I still bought the 8. Had mine for almost 3 years now and I'm not planning on selling it any time soon :freaky
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    Why are so many people selling their F800GS? - A wild guess? They ride it.
    They catch air, on a whoop dee doo. When they land, their front forks bottom out - and they realize at that moment. They spent $17,000.00 (US) on a bike with non adjustable front forks.

    They, then discover it costs a butt load to remedy the problem and decide to just buy a different bike altogether. I did not do this. However, this process went through my mind. I am now upgrading to racetek front and rear springs. I'm thinking. Should I sell this thing? It's too big for the knarly off road stuff, that I can handle. It's too small for the highway and the wind screen issue is practically unsolvable. What about the beak that I practically snapped off when I bottomed out, going over that small jump? Can I just get rid of that ugly bird nose? I'm thinkin' of sellin' mine. But it is like a good lookin' girlfriend you hate to dump just because she is a bitch and costs a lot of money. I'm not convinced there is a dual sport bike for me. But the F800 is definitely the bike that has me saying, "This is a really nice bike." "This bike is a piece of shit." I'll let you know. After I dump a few more thousand into it, getting it to where I don't feel like complaining.
    So far: Clearwater lights Glendas and Christas - so I can see worth a damn, at night.
    Oversized footpegs from Blackdog, so I have decent platform to stand on.
    A Scott's steering damper, to help stop high speed wobbles on the freeway.
    Mirror extenders to accommodate a windscreen that I decided not to use, because my handlebars still hit it.
    Remus High Performance Headers and Exhaust.
    A back break pedal, enlarger.
    Cruise control.
    A brighter set of dims and high headlights bulbs.
    A side stand enlargement plate.
    A metal radiator guard.
    A lowered seat.
    Hand guards with spoilers.
    A Bash plate from Black Dog.
    Crash bars from Hepco Becker.
    BMW Soft, top bag.
    Aluminum BMW Panniers.
    Glare guard for the headlight.
    Headlight guard to protect the headlight from rocks.
    A center stand.
    Rear break fluid guard.
    New rubber.
    Etc. Etc. Etc. Etc. And the list goes on. . . - I never have had a bike that needed so much!
    It better be worth it.
    I'm in too deep to let it go. - Or am I?
    Sometimes I miss the days of my DR 650. Before I was an "Adventurer"
    I guess that is why I have not sold my DRZ400.
    Maybe I think there is something better. And maybe there isn't. But learning to ride this beast like a dirt bike, has made me a better rider. I wouldn't recommend a F800 GS to a beginner. Even though, my friend bought one, for her first bike. But she doesn't get crazy in the dirt. I'll test drive some other bikes and see if I can come up with a better feel on something else. I think I could be a good judge, because I'm used to the F800gs, now. - Have fun.
    <a href="http://s1181.photobucket.com/user/fractalsource/media/c6f578b2.jpg.html" target="_blank"><img src="https://s3.amazonaws.com/advrider-photobucket-images/images/f/fractalsource_c6f578b2.jpg" border="0" alt=" photo c6f578b2.jpg"/></a>
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    I love pretending its a dirtbike. That adrenaline rush when you're in the deep woods alone trying to pick the thing up out of the mud you just can't find anywhere else.
  19. Mollygrubber

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    Exactly what I did. Truly a do-everything bike. There are very few resale units here either FWIW.
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    You did lots of mods to your F800GS to make it the way you want it to.

    I don't have DR 650 so the question is: Did the DR 650 come from factory the way you wanted without any additional modifications like what you did to your F800GS?