Why the 800GS and Not the 990, thoughts?

Discussion in 'Parallel Universe' started by 27rich, Feb 2, 2011.

  1. AlanI

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    Jul 9, 2010
    Congrats on the bike Rich. This bike is indeed up to the job through the corners........the real question is, do your skills match the capability of the bike. Only joking. :rofl

    Take a look at this video and believe you me, some of these corners are more hair raising in real life than they appear in the video. Enjoy.

  2. 27rich

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    Oct 29, 2007
    Adelaide, South Aus
    FiveG--, if you read any thread about any bike you are going to find lots of problems with any brand, the KTM and BMW are no different in this regard.
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    Pcfly--, at present my fuel economy is between 42-44mpg, this could be made worse, however it could also be improved simply by the right hand. Therefore I should be able to get at least 300 if not closer to 360 kms out of a tank and for me 99% of the time there is a town within this distance. For those times there won&#8217;t be then a cheap 5-10 ltr fuel container will do.
    Don&#8217;t get me wrong a bigger tank or better fuel economy would be nice but not a deciding factor in my purchase.
    KnuckC--, for me the difference in price was only roughly 1k, BMW had some extras but so did KTM and the KTM ones were the better of the two. As for suspension I am sure that you would not get the BMW close to KTM with the 1k. Now the only things I want to do to this bike is a steering dampener and bash plate of which the BMW would get also. So to me the KTM won hands down on value.
    FiveG--, be careful from what KnuckC says about riding it:wink:, as if you ride the KTM, you will buy the KTM (oh that engine:evil). For me as soon as I rode the KTM I knew that the BMW would struggle to better it and it did. Initially I took a leap of faith buying the KTM as I was unsure of the handling due to limited test ride time (at least I knew the engine was better), however, after putting some miles on the KTM I am certainly glade I bought it.
    However I do agree with KnuckC, ride them both as long as you can, just don&#8217;t be surprised to come home with the Austrian.
    I can&#8217;t compare the two bikes in technical areas but once aboard the KTM the size diminishes and I find it very flick able on the tar and on the dirt excellent and very easy to manage. I also feel you sit on top of the KTM where in the BMW you sit in which for me gave me a feeling of being heavier with more weight up top.
    AlanI--, my skills are far from anywhere near where this bike is capable but I must admit this BIKE makes me a better and faster rider. More confidence inspiring and also it fixes all my f..k ups with no fuss.

    Please don&#8217;t all get me wrong I am not here to bash BMW I actually found the bike great and would have bought it if the suspensions was adjustable because I could not get a decent ride on the KTM. However the suspension is not adjustable so this is why I looked at another bike and took this leap of faith in buying the KTM. But in saying all this I don&#8217;t regret my decision one bit. I couldn&#8217;t be happier with the KTM it is a fantastic bike.

    good luck with the decision.

  3. oclv454

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    Feb 26, 2010
    Both fun bikes. I looked at both also. I ended up with the F800 GS. Too bad you couldn't ride the GS off road. It seems the adjustability of the suspension was a deal breaker for you. The rear is adjustable and it iis very easy to adjust. The front, for me anyway, is tuned perfectly for my 60% dirt / 40% blacktop riding. Have fun with the 990. I don't know anyone with a 990, but I have friends that have the KTM 690, 530, and 450 and they are all pleased with their bikes except the maintenance hassels, twitchy throttles, and seat comfort.
  4. Maniac28

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    Apr 2, 2004
    I've had both and I'll make it simple. The KTM has better suspension. THe BMW has better fuel economy. The GS feels smaller and lighter to me, not sure if it is. THe KTM is more fun to ride and has a little more punch. The GS has less maintenance/easier to work on. I feel better a long way from home on the Beemer, but that's very subjective.

    Both are awesome!

    My comparison is with the carbed 950, though. THe 990 injection can be a little jerky (so can the BMW). I'd take the carbs if I was getting another KTM.
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    Apr 22, 2009
    STL, MO, USA
    Dealer network! Ktm has almost none. Round here, you have to ride 7 hours to find a ktm dealer for offroad capable stuff. Once you ride that far, a test ride is comprised of sitting on the bike in the showroom cause ktm dealers usually won't let you ride their bikes until you buy it.
  6. vikingolly

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    Nov 12, 2009
    Canberra, Australia
    The Beemer is the choice. Just change the seat.
  7. thumper-darryl

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    Dec 24, 2006
    I had a chance to ride both more than once. Both great, but for looks and the fact that the BMW is lighter, shorter, and smaller feeling went BMW. For about $250 I upgraded the suspension and now feels nearly as good off=road as the KTM My regular riding buddies have a 950 and a 990. Interesting to switch back and forth. BMW gets WAY better fuel mileage, and we have had numerous drag races, and all three bikes are neck-and-neck right up to 100 MPH. At 5ft 8in the 990 is just to big and heavy for me, and the smaller BMW performs just as well. Cheaper too. But being a KTM fan for a number of years if I was 6ft 4 in I would probably bought a 990 --Just to stay Orange.
  8. kaiden

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    Aug 29, 2008
    I was on the same fence! I even sold my 2010 F800GS last year!

    However, with that said just a few weeks ago I went to the KTM/BMW Dealer and guess what? I am again the owner of a 2011 F800GS. It was my fault from the start, I did not give the BMW the shake it deserved in the dirt! Just recently I had a chance to ride it on a trip that was 60-70% Dirt and it exceeded my expectations. The KTM was just way to big and feels like a tank!

    I will be getting the new 500/530 EXC which ever way they decide to go this coming year. This way I have a light and fun bike for short distance and a light and fun bike for long distance.

    Just my two cents....
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    Sep 19, 2008
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    i'd make sure i'd ride a 450 too i have a few friends that had the 525 and i had a 450 and personally i prefer the 450 and my friends have changed too! 1 now rides a 300 and the other got a 450. This is if you ride a lot of tite stuff too if rideing dez--have fun with the big bike!:lol3