Will we ever see 7-8 speed dual sports?

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    You mean using tools to replace it every time you burn one up because you have the bike geared for the highway, but end up riding off road and way over geared? Motocrossers are frequently quite expert in using the clutch and their mechanics are quite expert in replacing them. The clutch side cover is now two pieces so the clutch can be serviced without having to open up the rest of the primary, quicker easier. imagine having a 250 that can walk through the rough stuff in 1st and 2nd, then cruise the freeway at 65-70 mph without running near redline.

    The idea is really meant for small bores. I'm bettng an XT225 geared well for rougher off road would have a tough time pulling 70 mph on the interstate. But with one extra gear or a dual range it is there. Realize there isn't that much power in anything under 250. The small bore road racers and the ISDE bikes were the ones that used the first six speeds and seven speeds. The 50cc GP used up to I believe twelve with one Suzuki, the power range was so narrow. It is a small bore issue where torque is low, where the revs need to stay near the peak for performance. Maybe a 400-450 doesn't need more than six, but it certainly wouldn't hurt the 250 and down. A dual range would be a great way to do it too.