Windscreen extention KTM 950 part 2

Discussion in 'Dakar champion (950/990)' started by zeph, Apr 29, 2004.

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    Jan 19, 2004
    How about changing the angle of the screen?

    Make relief cuts (approx 4" long) in each side of the stock windshield, in towards the vertical creases, just above the dashboard. Then bend the screen back towards the rider about 20 degrees. Then screw/glue the overlapping portions of the screen to hold in place.

    That will lower the top edge of the screen, as well as make it less upright. In theory, that should lower the point the windblast hits the rider.

    Any thoughts on how effective that might be?
    Any glaring oversights in my theory?
    Will it look Ok?

    Who wants to butcher their stock screen first?? :evil