Winnipeg/Gimli/MB: Do you know this KLR650?

Discussion in 'Canada' started by ryamatt, Oct 7, 2020.

  1. ryamatt

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    Oct 8, 2016
    Winnipeg Manitoba Canada
    I am in Winnipeg and I just bought this 2010 KLR650 yesterday. It has changed hands a few times and the guy I got it off only had it for a few weeks before he decided it wasn't for him and put it back on the market.
    It has stickers on it, so I was thinking if a PO is a member here, they will recognize it and be able to confirm for me whether or not the doohickey was upgraded. If I don't have to open it and replace a gasket just to look inside to confirm, that would be nice.
    The bike came with every accessory/improvement there is on the outside, so I would be surprised if the doohickey wasn't done, but the guy I got it from didn't know anything about inside the engine.
    Please let me know if you recognize this KLR and know anything about it.
    WIN_20201007_19_22_47_Pro.jpg WIN_20201007_19_22_57_Pro.jpg WIN_20201007_19_23_09_Pro.jpg WIN_20201007_19_23_20_Pro.jpg
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    Dec 9, 2014
    There is a Winnipeg specific page that covers basically all Manitoban adv riding. I’d suggest posting the question there. Lots of KLR guys there!