WMRS Open Gate Day

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    Dec 28, 2003
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    I know that it is short notice, but I just recieved this from the WMRS:


    Just wanted to let you all know that the gate to the Barcroft facility will be opened on September 4 for those wishing to climb White Mtn Peak. Please spread the word!



    The University of California White Mountain Research station will hold its annual “OPEN GATE DAY” on Sunday, September 4. Hikers wishing to climb White Mountain Peak will be allowed to drive to the Barcroft Station to begin their ascent. The gate will open at 7:00 AM. Please note that the Barcroft facility will NOT be opened to the public on this day and we ask that you do not disturb staff and researchers at the station. For more information call (760) 873-4344.

    You can drive up to the Station, but the Station is not OPEN. For all you FF'rs who didn't make it to the top. :lol3