Women Only Tour through Bolivia! - Let's Have Some Fun Ladies!

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    Feb 15, 2015
    19 Days________Level: Medium____________2.300 km (by bike), 40% off-road
    This is gonna be the first all female tour through the South American gem, that is Bolivia. If you like, a Wild West steeped in indigenous tradition, featuring breathtaking vistas and unique landscapes.

    I organise this trip in cooperation with Bolivian Motorcycle Adentures, who have been offering tours in this region for years and have plenty of experience.

    All the details can be found here:


    Travel dates are 16. October - 03. November

    The tour price is €3690 (currently: ~ $4162)

    This includes:

    + Motorcycle rental

    + Accommodation & 3 meals/day

    + Fuel

    + Airport transfer

    + Guide & Support Vehicle

    + 2 days dessert excursion in 4x4

    + Entry fees

    + Unforgetable memories ;)

    There will be 12 riding days with highlights such as:

    -> Routa del Che, Sucre, Salar de Uyuni, Tupiza, Tarija and more

    We will have 4 rest days:

    1st Day: Visiting the silver mines and mint museum in Potosi. The mines are still operating and provide a unique inside.

    2nd and 3rd Day: Exploring the world famous Atacama desert in 4x4s. An breathtaking landscape, home to thousands of flamingos, llamas, vicuñas, emus and more.
    There will be colourful lagoons, mud geysers, hot springs and bizarre rock formations. All in all mind-blowing!

    4th Day: Hang out and relax in Tarija, the wine capital of Bolivia. Private wine tours can be organised or simply enjoy the inviting atmosphere in one of the many cafes in town.

    For any further questions or inquiries please feel free to contact me directly via: [email protected] or on FB @herroadstories

    Let's ride together!

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