Would I be buying somebody else's headache?

Discussion in 'Regional Forums' started by storymitchell, Feb 19, 2004.

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    Some things you need to know about the `95 GS:
    - head gasket leaks
    - transmission problems
    - oil consumption (rings not seating)
    - plastic tank vapor bleed-through (most replaced under warranty with steel tanks)
    - chronic surging/driveability complaints wiht Motronic 2.0 software
    - oil leaks from cam plug o-rings (rear lower area of cylinders)

    ABS faults could be a) bad battery, b) improper clearance of ABS sensors due to crash, c) component failure. Bad battery is #1 cause of flashing ABS lights.

    Smoking on startup could be a) water vapor (steam) from normal combustion while running in open-loop startup mode, b) oil consumption due to improper ring seating. I'd bet on the latter with this model.

    All pre-2000 oilhead GS'es are prone to rear sub-frame/transmission mount breakage from overloading or hard off-road use.

    Are you an idiot for looking at it? No. But be aware that there are potentially expensive problems with that year GS and bid accordingly. If I could buy it for say $3000, I'd do so, but then I can fix most all those problems in my garage. If you also can, go for it; if not, walk away.


    Oct 21, 2002
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    I would also make sure not to bet on it till the last two minutes!!!
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    Try this, email him and ask what his reserve is. People do that and get answers. If it is more than you want to invest then you know. Go the 20 minutes and testride it and look it over. If he doesn't sell it you can offer him what you are willing to pay. If you buy it and it is junk you can ebay it part by part and probably come out ahead. There was a 2004 Adventure with 100 miles on Ebay. It was rearended and the damage didn't look too bad. I really thought I wanted that bike but didn't buy it and it sold outside of Ebay anyway. At least you can look it over.
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    I'd ride regularly if'n I had a bike that didn't break something every damn time I went for a ride. The guy selling the beater GS hasn't responded to my email asking if I could look at the bike, so it's off my list. I'm thinking I'll find a job, work it for this year, and get my finances back into the black and buy a bike next winter. And with any luck I'll listen to Harv and buy something Japanese, reliable, and boring.

    Speaking of riding, is anybody going for a ride Saturday? Starting about 12 noon, perhaps, as I have to spend the morning going through Monster and Washington Jobs looking for work?
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    Did you look in cycle trader to see what a non crashed 95 would go for in your area? Cycle trader has a great bike value tool that tells you what the bikes were advertised for on their site.

    Here is a search on the R1100GS

    Here is the price checker:
    click here