Would You Buy the 700GS again?

Discussion in 'Parallel Universe' started by ARDirt, Nov 9, 2014.

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    HandKPhil and BetterLatethanNever summed it up for me. I most recently came from a naked CB1000R and while in that category it may be considered under powered, I yearn for some of the excitement that bike delivered. However, that was my bad going from a 110hp bike to a 65hp one. I went with the Sargent seat and it has proved to be an all day seat for me. I like the sound of my Leo Vince can, but would like to try the Wunderlich performance controller to try and wring out another few ponies if possible with a blue air filter. I have found the 700 to be the perfect bike for riding gravel and dirt roads with the occasional jeep trail/logging road if I am careful. I ride it like a sport bike on the twisty pavement as much as I can. I tried adding some Moose Racing wide footpegs, but the first time out they were dragging at very moderate lean angles so they came off. I will likely trade this bike for something with more "soul" but it is getting me where I want to go for now...
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    I'm back and forth on whether I'd buy it again. I love the bike, I've put 10k miles on it I the 15 months I've owned it, and have loved every minute of it. I finally did my first Adv ride on it last weekend and it did more than I expected it to do. But in the 10k I've ridden, I've spent 95% on the time on twisties and KY state numbered roads, and feel a sportier bike would be more exciting. But I don't want to sacrifice the upright comfort either. I have a KTM 450EXC for the rough stuff, I think a more road oriented bike may fit me better, but I'd hate to sacrifice what I have. An S1000XR seems to be a bike I'd dig, but at twice the price I don't know that it's worth it. I like the Swiss Army knife I have, just don't know if a more street oriented bike would be better or not. I just love the options this bike gives me, and it's done everything I've asked it to do, but I'm scared I'm ready to ask it for more and it might not give it to me.
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    Do I know you Roger? :hmmmmm

    I've got 40,000 k's on mine, love it. Rumour has it they are going to drop the 700, so I am thinking of getting a new one before they disappear.
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    Have you posted this question on the Vstrom page? I'm in the same boat trying to choose between a new wee strom DL650 or a used 2013 F700. Also slightly considering a new versys. I did Nova Scotia on the 2nd gen Vstrom 650 and loved it, great power for 100 mph sweepers and comfortable. Currently have a single 650GS which has me craving a twin.
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    I had a 2010 f650gs. It was a step up (slightly) from a KLR. What I liked about it over the 800 were the tubeless tires and the lower stance. I missed the 21" front wheel. What I didn't like was it was a dual sport and this, for me, means it does neither slab nor dirt well. too heavy for the jeep roads over the mountain passes and not comfortable for long slab rides. My solution was a WR 250 and an Electra Glide. My hat is off to folks who can ride these things across the country on the slab and then do mountain single track. I suspect that most, not all, of them are younger than me and probably have never experienced a light dirt bike or a comfortable road bike.
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    Can't see how you'd go wrong with either choice. The only complaint I have with the F700 is a shortage of exciting power, really only noticeable when asking for more on the top and it simply isn't there. Neither bike is great at fast/tight off-road, but absolutely fine off-pavement