WSBMWR Rally GS Ride Scouting Trip

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  1. Sirby

    Sirby Sertao

    Oct 9, 2002
    Napavine, WA
    Chuck on his F650-PD, and I on the Big Gray Dog, toured the South Olympic Mountains yesterday. We travelled over 100 miles in the forest, planning a great GS ride for the CLUB rally in August. That is the Washington State BMW Riders rally, not to be cornfused with the MOA rally in Spokane in July.

    You will see in the photo link below, that we have some excellent roads and scenery to enjoy. So if you are planning to bring your dual sport bike to our rally August 19-22, in Shelton WA, you will not be disappointed in the route we chose.

    You may be amused by the two shots of my flat tire fix. It went quick and easy using the new Stop-N-Go plugger and Cycle Pump with E-Z Air guage. Good tools to carry, as you can see.

    Bear with me until I get a Smugmug Account. Look in the "Friends" Folder on the link below.

    -Sirby :thumb
  2. Ruskie

    Ruskie Banned

    Jan 30, 2003
    Looks like a good ride is planned:thumb Beware of the bear hunters that time of year:D