Wurth Gauges

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    The following is posted for John Jensen. Due to technical difficulty he is not on the list at this time so all responses should be off line:

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    I have a Wurth account and can order anything they bring into the US. As such, I sell their feeler gauges for $3 each + shipping (to me and to you). This makes a standard set run $17 and an advanced set run $23 (including $5 shipping). The standard set has (2) of the .15mm & .30mm gauges and the advanced set adds the .35mm if you want to go for the increased valve lash setup (yes, these are true metric gauges). Since Wurth sells each gauge in sets of 5, I place a group order. Also be aware that if Wurth runs out and the gauges go on back order it can take weeks and much consternation to actually get them.... I offer this because these are very good gauges and are hard to find, I do make a little money (about half a buck each) but we're talking pocket change here. If you're familiar with Wurth you know they are very concerned with quality in everything they sell.... Let me know off list if you'd like a to order a set and which set you'd like. As an added techno tip use a small loop of heavy string or twine and tie two gauges together in a loop with an alligator clip. Then attach the clip to a cooling fin to keep the gauges from falling into the oil catch pan when/if they fall out.