WV Historical Markers - Let's Find All 700

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    Great!! Thanks for sharing. I'm going to fwd the link to Joe and Matt at the Archives & History office in Charleston.

    They are starting to put out over 150 new markers - centering around the 250-year sesquicentennial. I've seen a few, but, alas, no more bike.

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    But you're thinking about it, aren't you? :augie
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    LOL. Actually not as much as I feared. I have lots of other activities (running, photography, etc) that I now have more time to devote to.

    In fact, I just walked in the door from driving out to Scott AFB, IL (just east of St Louis) on old Rt 40 and doing lots of photos. The Judge Advocate General I worked under was retiring, so I combined "work" and play.

    Lots of great memories, though!
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    Well, if anyone is still interested, there are dozens of new markers out there waiting to be documented. And more are on the way.

    If you're new to this, please go back to Post #1 and read some guidelines I am requesting. Basically, please don't just do a "grab and run". Please take a closeup photo of each side of the marker, then stand back and get the marker with the surroundings. If the subject of the marker is nearby, please get a photo of that also. Then, please take a few moments and go to wiki and give us a brief bit of history. THANKS!

    Sadly, I won't be participating in the photos since I hung up my helmet 2 years ago. Thanks for helping me carry on this project. The Archives & History Department sure does appreciate all the photos!

    Here is a list of new markers by county. I don't have a location, but some can be Googled and found with a little Sherlocking.

    I will try to get back to this list and highlight in yellow ones that are documented.

    Barbour County
    Benjamin F. Kelley
    Hanger's Limb

    Berkeley County
    Battle of Hoke's Run
    Belle Boyd
    Charles Faulkner

    Braxton County
    Burning of Sutton

    Brooke County
    Campbell Tarr
    Isaac H. Duvall

    Calhoun County
    Perry Hays and George Silcott/Louisa Hays and Amie Silcott

    Doddridge County
    West Union/Skirmish at West Union

    Gilmer County
    The Gilmer Rifles

    Grant County
    Petersburg Presbyterian Church

    Hampshire County
    Fort Mill Ridge Trenches
    Lew Wallace's Raid on Romney

    Hancock County
    James J. Andrews
    Morgan's Raid

    Hardy County
    Willow Wall

    Harrison County
    45th USCT
    Clarksburg Convention
    Granville Davisson Hall
    John S. Carlile

    Jefferson County
    Battle of Boteler's Ford
    John Yates Beall

    Kanawha County
    Camp Piatt
    Fort Scammon
    William Starke Rosecrans

    Lewis County
    Pierson's Rangers

    Lincoln County
    Skirmish at the Curry Farm

    Logan County
    Burning of Logan Courthouse

    Marion County
    Alpheus F. Haymond/Thomas S. Haymond
    Francis H. Pierpont
    Julia Robertson Pierpont

    Marshall County
    Thomas H. Trainer
    Uriah Alley

    Mason County
    Daniel Haymond Polsley
    William H. Powell

    McDowell County
    McDowell in the Civil War

    Mineral County
    Fort Fuller/Capture of New Creek
    Thomas R. Carskadon

    Monongalia County
    Willey Amendment/Willey House

    Monroe County
    Confederate Postal Service

    Morgan County
    Charles T. O'Farrell
    Joseph S. Wheat

    Nicholas County
    Raid on Summersville

    Ohio County
    Archibald W. Campbell/Wheeling Intelligencer
    Gordon Battelle
    Rebecca Harding Davis
    Sara Lucy Bagby
    The Athenaeum

    Pendleton County
    Camp Luther
    Destruction of Saltpeter Works

    Pleasants County
    Raid on St. Marys

    Battle at Mill Point
    Raid on Huntersville

    Preston County
    Flag Raising

    Putnam County
    Winfield/Battle of Winfield

    Randolph County
    Laura Jackson Arnold
    Rosser's Raid/Mount Iser Cemetery

    Ritchie County
    Harrisville/Thomas Maley Harris

    Summers County
    Mercer Salt Works
    Pack's Ferry

    Taylor County
    Ann Reeves Jarvis
    Grafton Military Hospital

    Tucker County
    Capture of St. George/Imboden's Expedition
    Mary Jane Snyder

    Tyler County
    Daniel D. Johnson

    Upshur County
    D. D. T. Farnsworth
    George R. Latham

    Wayne County
    William Ratliff (Ratcliff)/Polley Freedom Case

    Wetzel County
    Leonard Stout Hall

    Wood County
    Peter G. Van Winkle
    William L. "Mudwall" Jackson

    Wyoming County
    William Walker
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    I wish I could ride my bike for work. I'm sure I pass a lot of these :baldy:baldy
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    With family ties from Gilmer Co., kinda curious about the Gilmer Rifles marker. Google-foo isn't working too well for me on that one, so any information would be appreciated should someone locate it. I suspect it refers to an outfit back in the Civil, or perhaps the Spanish-American War, but that's just a guess.
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    I'm out of town for a week with very limited internet access. Dumb phone, dumber owner. Will check in next week. Sorry.

    BTW - some of these are not up yet, but will be soon.
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    This sounds crazy but I did some research and found that Colonel Joseph Beeler (Fort Beeler) is my 5th Great Grandfather. And to find this on ADVRider. Thanks for your post. Years ago.....
    Bob Beeler
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    See what you did Mike? You poked the bear and got the state interested in these again. I've been seeing new ones everywhere. Keeping the folks at Sewah Studios hopping
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