www.cycleracks.com and goodbye to the TW200!

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    Some time ago I posted on here with a review of my TW200 and asking anyone if they new of a good rack manufacturer.

    I only lurk once in a while... but I recently logged in to post and realized I had SEVERAL private messages asking about cycleracks.com

    Let me just say that cycleracks.com sells some GREAT products! They are designed to haul elk quarters out of the boonies and are EXTREMELY heavy duty. The weight rating on them is basically "more than the weight rating of the bike". Because the wide tire TW200 has so much tire and such low gearing... they actually produced a front rack designed to hold ballast to keep the nose down while climbing hills! Wow... :eek1

    Not only did it provide alot of storage room. It was a perfect grab rail for righting the bike or lifting it out of a rut. It provided superb bike protection (between the bark busters and the rack I dropped the bike many times with NO damage... ever)... Did I mention your feet on the rack will result in SUPERB stand up wheelies! lol... street-bike hooligan here :clap

    2 years, 2300 miles of trails, and a $200 depreciation aint bad!:cry :rofl

    I just recently sold my TW200 to fund a 10k mile cross country trip on the superhawk 996, buy a GPS (60CSx with full software), and a new digital camera (SD550 w/ tripod) for the trip (ride report to follow!). But I will own another dual sport before '07. It's the first time I've not had a dual sport since I got my license 10 years ago... i feel naked :evil

    I will most likely buy a 350, 400, or 650 for the Trans-America Trail. Taking a 200 on a trip like that would be insane - but amusing... I have no doubt it could do it - but it would be a slow painful climb at altitude ;)

    When I do buy another dual sport, it'll have an identical rack and hanging military surplus boxes off the side for ultra cheap travel panniers!

    Just figured I'd follow up on the old post :deal

    BTW - with a +1 front sprocket, the TW200 was an excellent mount for local errands and exploring. I'd take it over a 225/250 any day of the week (and I've owned several). 90+ mpg at times 70+ mpg offroad. Ran it hard and it never broke or even coughed. Super simple, great off-road.... I miss it already. Friends would chuckle at it until they road it - then we would all spend 2 hours with a tape measure trying to figure out how to make a TW400Z... we've looked at the possibility several times with no easy solution:huh

    I will say that the TW200 will go anywhere a larger bike will go and take FAR less effort to do it - the big tires, low weight, low seat height are just plain fun! I would however keep it away from whooped out enduro trails - I spent alot of time on them and felt bad for subjecting the TW to that kind of punishment!

    Keep riding.

    GREG O.
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    Dood, thx for the link to the racks, gunna get me some of that...
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    sweeeeeet racks !!!!!!!!!!! :evil :clap :wink: