Wynochee Dam - Olympic Nat'l Forest

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    Dec 3, 2004
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    Anyone have any info on the roads around Wynochee Dam?

    Its located on the Peninsula, in the middle of the Olympic loop. I'd be taking the ferry to Kingston, down the 101,then West f/ Shelton area on local roads (Four Corners Rd, Shelton Matlock Rd, Middle Satsop Rd, Cougar Smith Rd, Wynochee Rd).

    Anyone know these roads?

    Looks like a good addition to the Olympic loop - no dealing with the Aberdeen mess. There also appears to be a ton of opportunities to jump off on Fire Roads in the OLY NF.
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    Jan 30, 2003
    Hey JD,

    I live at the NW side of the mountains but have never ventured in that direction. You might ask
    Crazy Bastard

    He's the Olympic guru.
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    Jul 1, 2004
    Well, let's see how badly I botch this. First post in advrider.

    Yeah, I've been out there a few times. If you come down SR-106 from Belfair along Hood Canal, hang a left on 101, then right on W. Skokomish Valley Rd. Look for the right turn onto FR-23. You can follow this all the way to Lk Wynoochee. From the lake, you can take FR-22 on out to the beaches if you're looking for a way to avoid Aberdeen. You can also take a more southerly "crossing" on Matlock Rd, to Cougar Smith Rd, Wynoochee Valley Rd, Hoquiam Wishkah Rd, and on out to 101 again. The first way is probably 95% gravel. The second is probably 50%.