XChallange-Building an external fuel tank???

Discussion in 'Parallel Universe' started by Dagwood_55, Jul 19, 2009.

  1. Dagwood_55

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    Jun 23, 2007
    The Ozarks
    So, I may have someone who can fab me up a little external fuel tank for the right-rear of my Xchallange. I want to feed it with the fuel vent line from the main tank.

    Question is: Where/how do I need to route the fuel pick up line?? From top, then a tube to the bottem of the new tank??

    Also, is there a place whre I can purchase online a filler neck and cap?? Aluminum??
  2. Firefight911

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    Apr 16, 2007
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    There have been several tanks already fab'd and offered up for the X Challenge. Go over to Thumpers and check there with the search function and it should reveal all you need to know.

    Mods will prolly move this one to its proper home in Thumpers, FYI.