Xchallenge road trip- breakdown (now fixed)

Discussion in 'West – California, the desert southwest and whatev' started by mreich77, Jun 4, 2009.

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    He is working for his allowance which is a good thing :D
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    Both BMWs that I've had were 2003 models. They both came with lead-acid vented batteries.

    I don't use a battery tender and I've never had a problem with them lasting less than 5 or 6 years.

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    Back home! Or at least most of me is....think I may have left bits and pieces in that crazy town. I'd post some photos but as I explained to the wifey the camera mysteriously crapped out so I have no evide.....er, landscape shots.

    As I continued on my short journey Friday morning my thoughts kept circling back to one conclusion....man, there are some terrific people living amongst us. On that note, Mark and his fine son James are two examples. Thank you both for all that you did to help this fellow rider get back on the road. James and Mark showed up at my hotel door first thing in the morning Friday, and while Mark hung at the hotel to make sure my bike was covered if the rain came, James hauled me around town with the dead battery to try and find a replacement. Which, obviously we did....and the bike was back!

    Thank you James...thank you Mark.

    I also want to thank all of you fellow advrider's for taking the time to post your thoughts. donkey hotey, levity, and tbarstow....you were all correct in your theory regarding the battery. levity, thanks for linking me up with Mark...great call!

    Even want to thank truckin thumper for sending the post over to jomomma...as I laid in bed pouting, those boys lightened the mood with their wacky commentary.

    If you are going to break down....Bishop is a cool place for it to happen. Nice town!

    Coming home, riding through Death Valley, I bumped into two German riders that had rented Harley's and along with their children in tow were seeing much of California. They LOVED it! I told them about this site....so if you see this guys, continue to have a great time and ride safe!
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    BTDT, my F650 broke down there a few years ago after a watery get off.
    Electrical problems. . .F650s Eat batteries.

    Stonewall was out of town that day but an old timer saw my in front of the moto shop and took me in.
    He was an old enduro rider from the 60s and helped me bang my bike back together in his shop, gave me a cold beer and sent me on my way up north.

    Great town/people
    There's worses place to break down, like Lee Vining. . .