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Xplore2Gether - California to Ushuaia

Discussion in 'Ride Reports - Epic Rides' started by JimsBeemer, Mar 6, 2019.

  1. JimsBeemer

    JimsBeemer 2017 R1200GSA, 2016 R1200RT Supporter

    Jan 4, 2014
    San Jose, CA
    Wow! Glad you read all that, and enjoyed it.

    I follow Daniel Byers (Ohio Danimal) closely - and I'm glad he is finally on his way "home" (since you follow him you'll appreciate the "home" - who knows how long he'll last back in the USA, LOL). We met virtually during our trip, I think it was through Advrider, or maybe one of the FB groups, and we kept in touch for many months as he trailed behind us as we were all heading south to Ushuaia. Then after we made it to Ushuaia and were heading, we finally met up with him in person, in the town of Rio Grande on Tierra del Fuego.

    Daniel has had quite the adventure, for sure. We know several riders that, like Daniel, ended up "stuck" in various South American Countries. After Daniel returns later this month, we personally know of only one other remaining there - a couple, Chris and Sharon Struna (mentioned often in my trip report). They are still stuck in Gobernador Gregores in southern Argentina. They are going to make a big decision at the end of this month - they may have to abandon their motorcycles in Argentina in order to get out. They will be the last of people we personally know to get out, but I am on several Facebook and WhatsApp groups related to stranded travelers ; there are hundreds, perhaps thousands, of overland travelers still trapped in Mexico and various Central and South American countries. Everyone is hoping, waiting for the borders to open up, but honestly I see no sign of that happening this year.

    Which gets me to your question about our plans and status of our bikes: Our bikes are in good hands - I am quite comfortable with where they are. Ed and Elisa send us a picture about once a month showing that the bikes are still there, which I appreciate! It is strange to get this photo and realize that those are our motorcycles, with all our gear, on the other side of the planet, just waiting for us! And I think they will be there for some time. I've stayed in touch with Dakar Moto regarding shipping, and the way our bikes are imported, they are tied to our passport - which means us. There is no way to get them out of the country without us being physically present to transact the paperwork. And Caorl's bike is imported by her, and my bike by myself - i.e. we both have to be there. And at least at present, there is no way (particularly due to the TIP suspension we obtained before we left) to assign "power of attorney" or such to someone else. So we have to go.

    And if we have to go - that means we cannot do that until the border opens. I think that international flights into Buenos Aires are likely to be possible in the coming month or so - but I expect it will require a negative COVID test before the flight, and possibly a quarantine after arriving. And then you can't go anywhere - even within Argentina (no travel between cities is allowed), yet alone to other countries. So we'd go through all that just to put the bikes on a boat or plane, and then we'd fly back. A lot of hassle and expense. And in terms of our current situation, we have parked ourselves in our old hometown, Redding CA, to be near my Mom, to help her out during the pandemic. In June we ceased being "nomads", and bought a house here in Redding, since we knew we'd be here a year or two. So we are in a good place to wait this thing out.

    With that background, our current plan re: returning for our motorcycles is this: We will sit tight until the world opens up to something close to normal. "Close to normal" would mean that travel within Argentina and between neighboring countries is possible again, in some fashion and under terms that are workable for us. When that happens, we will fly back to Buenos Aires, get our bikes out of storage and go to the Aduana to re-start their TIP clocks, and then spend three months or so riding around Argentina, Uruguay, maybe back up to Bolivia and then eventually back to Buenos Aires to ship the bikes home. If it takes a year for the world to get to the point where we can do that, we are ok with that. However, if a year from now things are still locked down like they are now, we may have to reconsider that plan and just do what we have to do to get our bikes home.

    Meanwhile - we both have purchased motorcycles here in Redding! So we are still riding, which eliminates the motorcycle withdrawal that might otherwise make "the plan" pill harder to swallow!
  2. Ohio_Danimal

    Ohio_Danimal If I die trying, at least I tried Supporter

    Dec 20, 2009
    Cuyahoga Falls, Ohio (The Crooked River)
    I certainly hope you two can eventually return to your bikes and get some further riding in before shipping them home.
    While I was “free” to travel around Brazil since entering March 12th, there was (is) so much uncertainty concerning the spread of the virus as well as the sheer numbers of people sick and dying in Brazil, I kept my Moto-travels limited to day trips around the coastline, mainly in Santa Catarina state. That way I reduced my risk of exposure at gas stations, food stops, Hostals, etc. Now that I’m leaving I wish I had ridden around more, but I’ve stayed healthy for close to seven months here now, so can’t argue with success (two family members of the family I’m staying with tested positive at one point, with mild symptoms until they tested negative once again)
    It really was nice to meet you and Carol Jim!
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