xr400r OEM gas tank crack

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    Aug 6, 2014
    I Recently noticed the bike was leaking high up by the gas tank and noticed this crack. I think this is my reason from up above to upgrade to a larger tank and dual sport kit. How common is this? Still unsure on Clarke or IMS, want to keep it at 3-4 gallons. The bike is well maintained original owner, I start and ride it at least twice a month. Summers in Texas are brutal and the bike sits in my shed all the time. So I'm thinking it's old age and intense heat that crack the tank. I just recently started adding fuel stabilizer within the last 4 months, because all the ethanol in the damn gasoline seems to be screwing with the carb, I also own a plated 02 650r which has a minuscule fuel leak. My local service tech got it barely leaking but said a new carb would be the only fix. Anyway enough with the rant what's up with 400 gas tank!

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    It is a beautiful bike you have there. :raabia
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    Only sensible solution I have is selling the bike to me! Next to that is never use eth gas without a dose of treatment,,,NEVER! Other than that I would get a 3.8 Clarke. Have had three of them on my XR4s, never a problem. I don't like IMS. If you do think of selling the bike holler at me.