1. KillerPriller

    KillerPriller Long timer

    May 30, 2003
    Paris, France via OC California
    Hey all, I am moving out of the country and need to sell some stuff. First up on the block is this wonderful XR650r. Shame to see it go, but it wont fit in the overhead compartment.

    Im in Orange County Ca. and the bike is ready to be picked up. What do you say fellas? Any takers?

    2002 XR650r Purchased in Dec of 2003
    California street legal w/current registration
    “Uncorked” by Orange County Honda in late 2004
    Scotts steering stabilizer, triple clamp and Fatbars
    Acerbis bark busters
    Uni- air filter upgrade

    The bike is in great shape. Mostly ridden at El Mirage, Stoddard, and Wickenburg Ariz. Rims are straight, forks straight, rarely crashed. One peg is tweeked from a garage tipover but i didn think it was bent enough to need changing. It will need a new rear tire soon (too much power is sometimes expensive).


    Because its in great shape, street legal and im thowing in a bunch of extras, Im hoping to get $6k. Not sure if that’s a good price, but it’s not lower than where I want to start.

    Will also throw in:

    2 gas jugs (empty)
    Extra Uni air filter (never used)
    A few oil filters (however many I have left)
    And whatever gas is left in the tank. (I aint that cheep)
    Front and rear street tires (did a trackday at Streets once)


    And if it fits, I will also include:
    Fox Riding pants (size 38)
    Alpinestar Tech 8 boots (size 9)
    Couple of riding jerseys

    …and whatever else happens to be in my tub-o-dirt riding gear

    Anyway, shoot me a pm if you’re interested. Or, if you know someone that is, forward the info.

    Thanks guys.