XT1200Z Modified Andy Strapz Racks

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  1. Bargenator

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    Sep 21, 2010
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    Recieved a set of Andy Strapz soft pannier racks a couple of weeks ago and mulled over the design for the front pick up point which attached to the rear footpegs by a long 12mm tube which was not really offering any form of sideways support to the rest of the rack in the event of a fall.

    I also wanted to remove the rear footpegs for the up coming Perth to Cape York ride as they are not required, and also to take away them hangig down and possibly be injured by them in a fall, and to remove a bit of weight.

    Apart from the obvious difference from left to right in regards to more clearance on the muffler side, they are not a mirror image of each other, with one sitting a bit higher, a bit further forward and rotated around on the axis, not sure why apart from the obvious.......:huh

    I eventually came up with the design below, and with the help of Wasp the following pictures show the end result.

    Clean setup and functional, we refitted the bag tie down point on the front as this was combined with the front anchor tube.

    Better bracing for sideways movement in the event of a fall plus more tie down pints.

    It involved drilling out the original rear mudguard anchor points from 6mm to 8mm, and with the space available in the drop bracket we fitted a 6mm stainless threaded rod and tube from one side to the other so any loading would be shared between the two brackets.

    Also for the 14000km Cape York trip I have designed a Super Rack which will mount on laser cut ali brackes on the inside of the rack brackets, it's big but I believe it will be functional, also a stainless steel lift handle for each side is being designed to be able to pick the bike up or get it on the side stand.

    Watch this space:lurk
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    I am pleased you have installed a cross brace, as I have been looking closely at the photos on Andy's site and was not impressed with the lack of side bracing. You and Wasp have come up with a good fix to this problem :clap