XT250 Accessories/Extras List, Advice Needed! (First Time Owner)

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    Hello! I just bought the 2021 XT250. I wanted to make a list of what I currently have on the bike and what I like/don't like. I am hoping you can tell me if I am missing anything or can recommend a good product to replace the things that are not working out. I am a FIRST TIME OWNER. I rode a lot of dirt bikes and motorcycles as a child but my parents owned them. I want to make sure all my bases are covered. Some relevant info: I live in Indiana. Mostly road/woodland trail riding/CORNFIELDS. I ride a LOT. I put 400miles on it in the last 2 weeks and it's dead winter here. I have full coverage insurance w/roadside and all the extra goodies (only $238.00 a year and 200$ deductibles on thefts/crashes)

    Will put a * next to items I need advice on replacements. Feel free to tell me if anything else should be replaced as well. I'm not made of money and love bang for the buck type deals! Of course I have looked over the forums and used the search feature. That is how I got this far.

    Current "On-Bike" Accessories (withlinks):
    Ricochet Off-Road SkidPlate (happy with this)

    *LED Bulb Upgrade from LED Street Light.com (not Impressed with these. Dark spots/not much brighter than stock headlight)

    Plastic Thumb Screw for Tool Storage Area (replaces flathead stock screw) Love this too!

    MoniMoto Anti-Theft GPS Tracker and Alert System (Love it so far)

    *JFG Racing Aluminum Shift Pedal (Bought to help fit MX boots under shift pedal) exact size and shape of stock pedal/lever only made of aluminum and has a sportier look. Want better!

    Precision Motorcycle Racks Tail Rack (Love this so far)

    Ram X-grip Phone Mount (Love it)

    Precision Motorcycle Racks Side Racks (Love These)

    *Chinese Tail Bag (Falling Apart Already)

    *Anxin Aluminum Large Foot Peg (Swapped back to factory. Springs didn't fit and required grinding to make pegs fit.)

    Acerbis Rally Pro HandGuards (I like them but they're still in the box due to late shipping and impatience I got a different pair.)

    Acerbis X-Factory HandGuards (LOVE these)

    National Cycle Wind Screen (Fits and looks great!)

    17t Front Sprocket (Got from local shop unsure of brand)

    Things I WANT to add: better 50/50 Tires than the stock set. Came with Bridgestone TW302 Trail Wings. Also anything to increase performanc (Top end oriented).

    Current "Off-Bike" Accessories (with links):
    Cryptonite 785 - 48" Chain/lock (Love it so far)

    AFX DirtBike Helmet (love it)

    100% Strata 2 Goggles Black (love them)

    AlpineStar SMX2 Gloves with Armored knuckles (love it)
    ICON Overlord SB2 Prime CE Jacket (Love it)

    Fox Racing Comp Boots (had to relearn to shift but now I love them!)

    Fox Racing Pants With Foam Hip Inserts. (Not sure what model but I like them)

    Lexin B4FM Bluetooth Helmet Thingy. (Love it)

    GoPro Hero 9 w/ Arm Chin Mount, Media Mod, Purple Panda Mic, Tascam Audio Recorder, And Various Other accessories.

    Wants: Armor Street pants that fit a grey/black/white color scheme or equivalent kneepad.

    PXL_20210115_235435383.jpg PXL_20210121_162302440.jpg PXL_20210127_005314156.jpg PXL_20210127_005500200.jpg PXL_20210127_005529852.jpg PXL_20210127_005546514.jpg PXL_20210127_005557333.jpg PXL_20210202_201119485.jpg
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