Xt250 or ttr250 for the rotund rider

Discussion in 'Australia' started by Steiglitz, Aug 29, 2021.

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    May 16, 2011
    For everything you want to do, I'd keep the WR250R on the table

    A lot better on road than the other bikes discussed above

    And apparently very good offroad also
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  2. Steiglitz

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    Aug 29, 2021
    Had a chance to inspect a ttr and a quick zip up and down the dirt driveway. Big smiles to be had. The front didn't look like it was quite tracking straight, is it a major adjustment to rectify?
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    FWIW @Jdeks rode from Gippsland, into Melb, up the Hume to Yass and south to Cooma non stop except for fuel overnight on his TTR to be here to help with the fires in Jan 2020. They can do it, although not ideal for that application.

    I'm also having fun on the missus' KLX300, now my 'trailbike' post my FE650. Much easier on the arthritis :ricky
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    Feb 16, 2006
    looking for a smaller house & bigger shed.
    That depends entirely on the problem.
    Steering head/forks twisted; forks stanchions bent; Rear axle not perpendicular; bent triple clamps; bent steering head; bent frame?

    It cost me $400 to have one of my bikes straightened, minimally. I was then told the rear wheel needed to be re-aligned 1mm to the left, to finish the job.

    You could get it done much cheaper for general use. Engine in frame, forks out. 'Motoliner' is possibly the most common straightening jig.
    If the frame is badly bent, it may need some heat to get it straight. Add the cost of blasting and repainting.

    The bike would want to be cheap. I reckon the seller would have to acknowledge the bend and the cost of repair.

    I went for a bit of a ride yesterday with blokes on modern enduro bikes - WR250F, 450 EXC (?) and Dobbo on his Sherco 500. It did reveal the age of the TTR, aside from my skills, which were quickly found to be wanting.

    It's alright, the injuries will heal.:*sip*
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