Xt250 vs Death Valley

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    Oct 20, 2014
    So I guess it’s time to end this ride report. I woke up 0330 in a failed attempt to beat the rain. Rode down the 127 to Baker in light rain and gusty wind. Hit the 15 south and let all 17 hp run wild. Was able to cruise at 65 and about 55 up the big hill. Rain was on and off but not too bad. It was pretty cold, so I was running my heated jacket and gloves intermittently with no issues. Everything was going pretty good for riding a major freeway on a windy rainy morning in the dark on a 250. I stopped for gas in Barstow and some 20 year old girl tried to buy drugs from me. I look like the last person you would ask to buy dope from, but maybe riding in the cold and rain for 3 hours had me looking like a viable possibility. She was pretty disappointed. I took off and the skies cleared and I thought I would make it home under blue skies, but the Cajon pass had over plans. As I entered the pass, visabily dropped to 0 , ice and snow fell and i was blown off the road by a gust and on to the shoulder. I’ve been in some gnarly conditions, but this was the worse. After composing myself, I popped in behind a semi truck, followed his lights and rode down the hill at 15mph until visibility improved. Another 15 minutes and I was home.
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    It is one cold wet year. I was experiencing exactly the same end of Feb on my XT225 taking I-15 back. I initially tried to stay on dirt, but gave up after wrestling with mud south of Baker. However, with headwind, the 225 didn't manage 55 mph, 50 or less. I did tuck behind a truck sometime. Riding over Tejon in a storm was miserable and the rain continued all the way to Santa Monica. The mighty XT225/250 is great for adventure, just not so mighty on a freeway.
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    Nov 6, 2005
    Spokane Valley, WA (the dry side of the mountains)
    Thanks for taking time to share your fun to Death Valley.