YAHBO heading east from San Fran and needs help...

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    ...with road suggestions, dining hot spots...brew pubs...etc. I am departing San Francisco thursday afternoon heading back to NY on my new bike. Definitely gonna blaze through CO cuz I have plans to see a old buddy in Fort Collins. What are the must do roads in Colorado?

    No plans, no reservations and no time frame to get back to NY. Taking my sweet time within reason.

    What says the ADV peeps?

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    Hyway 108, Sonora Pass is supposed to open on Thurs. You could be one of the first over for the season.
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    Northern CA native here.... and probably ride back and forth minimum twice a year. What kinda range do you have on the new bike?

    Quite a few ways to skin that cat... depends how much time you have really.

    US50 across NV (basin & range, up and over) to Ely....Delta, Salina, UT and catch I-70. At 191, south past Moab to La Sal Jct, thru Paradox Valley to Naturita (141 to 145). Placerville, Ridgway, Ouray (million dollar hwy), Durango.
    160 east to South Fork, north 149 Creede, Lake City, Gunnison. US50 over Monarch Pass, along Arkansas River to Canon City - head north.
    That way covers the San Juans.

    I-70 to Grand Junction, 141 south thru Gateway (repeat above). 141 is one of the great roads on the western slope.

    You could take I-80 and bust a move thru NV and UT to make time, past SLC to Park City, then US40 thru Heber, Vernal, Craig CO, Steamboat Spgs...
    Rabbit Ears Pass to Muddy Creek Pass - Walden, down the Cache la Poudre to Ft. Fun (to the guy who had the KLR you bought from me, right?)
    From Steamboat, an option is to take 131 south to Gore Pass, then east thru Kremmling. At Granby, take 125 thru Rand over Willow Creek Pass to Walden, then over Cameron Pass and down the Poudre.

    Probably the way I'd go, given your northerly destination.
    Have your buddy meet you in Walden, and have him show you Stove Prairie Rd and Rist Canyon - have lunch at Vern's Place in La Porte

    You were asking about must do roads in Colorado, but I'm sure you meant CA as well.
    108 over Sonora is my personal favorite, also 4 over Ebbetts and Monitor - dumps you at the state line about 22 miles south of Minden/Gardnerville (Lake Topaz is our yearly base for rides there).

    If Tioga is open, then Yosemite and Glacier Point are must-do's..... and from Lee Vining take 120 to Benton Hot Spgs....Tonopah.
    The Tonopa-Ely stretch is ~168 miles without gas - but gets you back on a more northerly track.