Yamaha RX 115

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    Dec 29, 2010
    Mexico City, Mexico
    I was looking to buy a cheap ugly low displacement bike... Because I need one... Yeah, right.

    I like small bikes or "fat bicycles", and there are some places in Mexico City I rather ride a cheap bike than another bike that might attract unwanted attention (thieves). But honestly that is more of an excuse than anything... Either way, I was looking for CG125 and the like, when I found this:



    It is a 1999 Yamaha RX 115 Special :clap

    Whats so special about it? Well, it's 94kg dry, not more than 105kg with all fluids (small gas tank) and it has 17hp. That's 30kg less than a CG125 and 5 more HP. It also has ridiculously thin and light tires, 2.5-18 in the front, 2.75-18 in the back! It will actually keep up with low strung 250cc 4 stroke standards, like the Nighthawk 250, GZ250, etc.

    It's so ugly it's cool in a weird 80s sort of way. It's basic and raw...

    The rear wheel is fugged up, will new a new rim. I guess I'll try lacing it myself :rofl

    There is surface rust in pretty much everything that is chromed, save for the muffler... Gotta love 2 smokes!

    Needs new rear brake pads, hope the hub is not fugged up.

    Some plastics are a bit sun burnt, headlamp and dashboard. Any ideas to restore the speedo/tachometer faces? I'll just spray paint the headlight housing and the speedo/tachometer housings.

    Paint is peeling off some parts of the engine. I'll take the chance to remove the cylinder head, paint it, and maybe do away with the gasket to bump the compression :wink:

    Paint is also peeling off the master cylinder and the caliper... I will try to get the caliper off a RX-Z 135, and the MC is an easy fix, but...

    How do you remove paint of those soft aluminum parts, how do you prepare them for paint?

    Needs a new seat cover. I'll try to get the OEM one, as I love the 2 tone seat cover.

    Turn signal lenses, 2 of them are broken. I already found some NOS parts!

    Shifting is clunky, and whatever is in the transmission doesn't look much like engine oil.

    And I guess that's about it. It's a 1999 MY bike that is pretty much identical to the original 1981 RX 115, incluidng the state of the art 6V electrics!
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    I may need to go to mexico and get me a bike, Es muy Bueno :evil, I would get aluminum hoops ( Rims ) and maybe some tuning, nice putt around town rig, just don't make it to purty them Bandittos are everywhere :rofl

    The master, I would leave it I think it leaked and the fluid ruined the paint, it may do it again, look at Economy cycles, they have faces for the tach and speedo, the only way I would take off the HG would be a O-ring head gasket, you have to have one, be careful in modifications, you may blow it up Oh yeah new main seals too The chrome can be fixed with Turtle chrome cleaner you will be surprised by how good it will look BTW Yo Querro Una :lol3