Yamaha Super Tenere Graphics Kits

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    Jan 2, 2008
    I have designed a new set of tank and front fairing graphics.
    The pictures I've included are the Yellow & Black with White background but if you wish, you can order Red & White with Black background.
    These are made of a tough vinyl product and have a UV protective coating that greatly inhibits color fade.

    Price will be $50 with shipping included (only to the lower 48).
    Shipping will be extra for all other orders.

    When the graphics department sends me a pdf of the Red graphics I’ll attach that to this thread.

    Here’s what the graphics look like.

    You’ll need to remove your stock graphics. This is done with the use of a hair dryer on the HIGH HEAT setting.
    Heat the area where you wish to start the removal process.
    Remove the heat and start lifting with your finger nail. Reapply the heat and continue removing.

    After removing the stockers, clean area with a quality type of wax removing fluid. I used a product called Sim-Solve. It is used to remove the glue that is left behind when removing old stickers.
    Do a test on a small area of the tank and front fairing to make sure the product you chose does not remove or dull the paint.

    With a clean surface you can now apply your new graphic. Make sure you place it where you want it because once it’s on... ITS ON!
    I did several test fits prior to removing the protective backing so I knew the exact location. You can use masking tape as a guide to make sure of the location.

    Now, clean the tank with the same wax removal product prior to installing the graphic.

    With the tank clean, your ready to install this graphic. Again, do several test fits prior to removing the protective backing. I strongly suggest using masking tape as locators for this part of the installation process.

    O.K. your doing great so far. Now do the exact same thing for the other side of the tank.
    In order to make these graphics match, USE MASKING TAPE as a guide to insure symmetry.

    Do the other side of the fairing and you’re done. WOO HOO, Your bike now looks FANTASTIC.

    Please note that the fairing graphics are different lengths. The shorter of the two goes on the shifter side and the longer go to the brake side.
    The tank graphics “Should Be” self explanatory as to which one goes on which side.

    Once I receive an order with payment I will contact the graphics department and get your order stated.
    Single orders will take longer to process.

    The link below shows you a screen shot of the Red & White on Black Background.