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For sale Yamaha Super Tenere XT1200 for sale price 7900 OBO

Discussion in 'Bikes' started by Tenerechamp, Jun 19, 2021.

  1. Tenerechamp

    Tenerechamp n00b

    Jun 19, 2021
    Please spread the word folks! Looking for a good home for my Tenere.
    reflashed 2013 runs perfectly, 39,xxx miles and located in Lafayette Indiana.

    I have a great condition 2013 Reflashed ecm Yamaha Super Tenere for sale.

    Location northwest Indiana near Purdue

    I will list the specs and extras if and may miss a couple as I've built it up over the years. The ECM reflashed by far has been the best modification and the bike handles and runs perfectly. I have only road the bike on pavement with a gravel driveway to my home. Never offroad and it has been babied and maintained by my yamaha dealership. Reason for selling is I do more cross country touring now, nothing wrong with the bike mechanically whatsoever. I ride 2 up so I moved to goldwing, and let me tell you its a fine machine, but the technology and ride of the tenere will always be far superior and my personal favorite.

    Rox risers for more comfortable riding position

    heated grips with 5 levels of heat for winter (anything past level three is too warm for me).

    Tank guard inner thigh grip pads for country curve turning, the inner leg regardless of gear really hangs onto the tank,

    not pictured is a nice skid plate, I don't ride off road and made oil changes cheaper and easier to access filter.

    rear luggage box and hardware for extra side boxes from one previous owner, I never tried to install but it includes luggage bars and 2 extra boxes.

    reflashed ecm which really woke the bike up powerband and throttle response wise.

    manual throttle lock (essentially cruise control which I actually used more often than I ever thought I would. works just fine but it is NOT electronic cruise control.

    crash bars which would protect it from any drops or crashes.

    I am really going to miss the 3 levels of traction control settings, and abs which have made riding the Tenere just a real hoot!

    I also had an important wiring harness recall completed by my yamaha dealership a couple years ago that affected front braking I believe and overheating of the wires. Never had a problem before but recall wise the bike is sound and up to date.

    brand new Heidenau scout k60 tires, they are adventure tires that I get about 10-12,000 miles out of each season, great front end feel and traction.

    39,000 trouble free miles on it and doesn't miss a beat. battery is great and it is ready to ride anywhere, a bag of extra spokes though I've never needed them as I have mine checked for true balance and adjustment. The bike has been babied on paved roads touring the country side. I would keep the bike forever as my last bike but with the goldwing sadly I just don't have time for 2 bikes as I always ride 2 up now. Looking for a good new home. I won't give it away so please no lowballing, I do not have to sell. Thanks for looking, I will take more photos of bike and extras for interested buyers. Asking $5900.

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  2. shrineclown

    shrineclown Board Butcher, Fastener Haberdasher Super Supporter

    Jul 9, 2006
    Bruins Nation
    All that and no location?
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  3. Tenerechamp

    Tenerechamp n00b

    Jun 19, 2021
    Lafayette Indiana come get it!!!
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