Yamaha XT 600 SM / Enduro wheels for sale

Discussion in 'Vendors' started by Zergman, Feb 19, 2015.

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    Aug 20, 2011

    up for sale are SM wheels for XT 600.
    Great condition wheel set. Those who search for SM wheels for their XT know how hard to find they are...

    Has some minor rust on the spoke nipples, very minor aluminum oxidation and the biggest scratch I could find is in the last picture over " 17" " mark.
    Front is 3.0" wide, rear is 4.25" wide. Both are 17" diameter.

    Should fit all XT600s with disc brakes, also XT600Zs and XTZ 660 Tenere (taken off an XTZ). Please ask for any dimensions if interested.

    Tires: front is pretty decent, rear would be decent too if somebody wouldn't have made some burnouts... So in the middle there's almost no tread left. I would personally change the tires for my own use.
    Price: 450€ + shipping.

    A set of original XT enduro wheels (21" front and 17" back, steel rims). Around 130€ + shipping.

    And a rear 18" wheel with aluminum rim. ~70€ + shipping.

    All wheels are for a bike with disc brakes.
    Country: Lithuania.

    Email me for pictures: tadas.eco@gmail.com