Yellowstone trip what?

Discussion in 'Americas' started by Biddles, May 13, 2020.

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    So my dream trip to Yellowstone was cancelled, and I say dream because it's been something I've been trying to achieve for about 6-7 years and I just can never pull it off due to one reason or another. Surgeries, cant take time from work, met a new girl that stopped me from moving across the country, and now the Coronavirus...

    I didn't have a backup plan if this trip fell through, and this is really last minute because my vacation starts on the 17th and ends on the 31st. I had a Royal Enfield Himalayan rental for 10 days planned to explore Yellowstone, now I got my .... in my hand and I'm not sure what to do with it.

    I live in New York, and I've thought about riding down to Florida to see an old friend and check out the Everglades, but a lot of the gear I bought for Yellowstone is for cold weather riding so I'm thinking of heading North, I just don't know where to go. I can typically ride 500 miles a day no problem, but I want to see some cool things. Alaska is a goal but that's too far. I've done the Blue Ridge Parkway a few times already and I love it but I need something new. If anyone has any suggestions I'd really appreciate it.
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    Concentrate on the gal you speak of. :deal

    I have heard that even upstate from me, there is little to no lodging open, and the locals don't really want touristos up there wandering around and spunking it up for them, as the hospitals in the rural counties really can't take the hit as it is now. Where ever you consider, man-- call ahead or you might not find accommodations.
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    Man, just pick one of the BDRs, CDT, TAT trails, etc..

    ride back country roads and off road.. camp in the wild, etc...

    you will surely have a bigger adventure then you ever have in an over crowded national park (if they were to be opened)..
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    CA dez (it's a dry heat)/West Yellowstone,MT
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    Even with the crowds, Yellowstone is Wonderful!!
    50-60 miles a day, you get to see wonders of the world, of course it has to be open.
    The opening on the 18th, no overnight stays.
    At 500 miles a day what do you see?

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    Yellowstone was a disappointment. It was a life long bucket list thing for me as well and we rode through for a couple of days on a 17 day road trip. Yeah, you'll see bubbling sulfur pits and Old Faithful but we all thought that the Black Hills near Rushmore kicked Yellowstone's ass for animal life, beautiful vistas, great roads with no traffic. We saw more buffalo and other wildlife there by far. If I hadn't ever been there would I go? Yeah, probably but just be prepared for it to not feel much like a motorcycle ride.
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    Do what I m doing. Buy a butler map for Wyoming, Montana, Idaho and Utah. Hit every yellow highway between here and there and go with no destination. That what we did in Colorado last year. Best trip I’ve ever had. I’m leaving Kansas City next week and I can’t wait. Mount Rushmore, crazy horse, devils tower, Yellowstone all the way to glacier and over the the pacific hopefully. Planning on an 1100 mile day on the way home to cross off an iron butt as well. Luckily my girlfriend is a gamer so my options are endless. Good luck. I’ll be on a 1290 T. Say hey if you see me.
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    Hope you made a trip somewhere