Yet another customer testimonial for SplitWeight(tm) seat covers

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    The above link takes you right to it. If you look around you'll also find a few from ADV Forum members.

    For you owners of custom seats and/or sheepskin users, well, our covers are made with you in mind.

    Use code ADV10 for a 10% promo price for inmates. For those unfamiliar with SplitWeight(tm) seat covers, they are NOT a simple coated nylon "baggie" but an engineered product made to use when the weather is bad to protect what's under it. No need to stop and use it like a rainsuit-rather, install it and leave it on if it looks iffy and leave it on until the nice weather returns.

    One of my first customers was given a 700,000 mile award from the BMWMOA last year and a LOT of them were on one of my covers. It's gotta be at least 5 years old and still working for him.