'You are going to die' ....

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    dude, are you reading my mind? I've been dreaming about flying to Madrid, renting a bike, riding to Paris--then turn it in and hanging out for a few days... then renting another bike and riding to Rome... then fly home...

    as a "wee-lad" as y'all say (did I get the spelling correct?) I spent a month in England, it was amazing... can't even imagine what it would be like on a bike... you are in heaven... you know that, right?

    now, i'm really new here... friend turned me onto the site. but, noticed your photo work right off. good stuff.
    I've been thinking about buying a camera, all I got now is my phone... maybe a GoPro... not sure which would be better... may just have to get both.

    may note that I've posted a couple of "threads", but i'll hopefully have much better ones to follow, as i'm just getting the hang of the format here. since finding this site I haven't been on any "memorable" rides yet, but I got some places I plan on visiting/hopefully soon.

    thanks for your reply
    hope you have a great 2019!
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    Jul 12, 2017
    Not motorcycling but...we landed in Edinburgh, drove over through Trossachs over to Fort William arriving in Uig...overnighted there and then took a calmac ferry over to Lochmaddy in North Uist, Outer Hebrides....kayaked and surfed and noodled around in boats....managed to make it out to St Kilda...which is a remarkable place. Had a phenomenal paddle out to the Monachs in thick fog.

    The water LOOKS like the Caribbean...it is much colder.

    Roads were very, very narrow and cars play chicken, racing headlong toward one another to see who might pull over first. Passed entire mountains blanketed in rhodedendron bushes. And Eilean Donan castle

    And whiskey. Everywhere. Glorious.

    Love to go back but I'd spend my time sea kayaking, not cycling...the coast and water there are too stunning to miss.
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    Jul 30, 2010
    Hi Sarah sorry to read you've not been feeling too good and hopefully it will clear up soon. Best wishes to you and all of your family and of cause all our Forum friends for 2019 . If I manage to get up your way this year I will let you know and hopefully I can meet up with you and your biking mates. Ted
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    Happy to see the 1000 ok

    if you need something just ask...

    take care with the new tires.

    and have fun.

    hope you feel better now?!!
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    Nov 8, 2014

    Hi Sarah

    I haven't viewed this thread for ages so didn't know you'd picked it back up, which is awesome! I was devastated to hear about John, read something in a local paper about an accident and it stuck in my mind, subsequently read it on here. So sorry to lose one of the biggest characters in the Scottish biking community. Hope to read about your adventures on here.

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    My Gosh, for some reason I had a hint ? to look for this thread today. So surprised and Glad to see your getting along Sarah. A brave heart for sure, but one needs to get back on that horse even if it's just to do it and that's it.

    Keep the faith, Jimbo.
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    Hi Sarah, glad to see the thread up also. Hope your doing ok. cms
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    Just logged in to this for the first time i a long time.. So sad to hear.. what a shame. I shared some Glasgow photos with Kam a few years ago from when i was in Scotland in 89. He knew exactly where it was.
    RIP Kam
    so sorry for your loss Sarah, LKC and the group.
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    Great to see S & the Crew carrying on with this thread!