You can be video famous (MKE Madison area)

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    Be in a video about motorcycles.

    Sharing this e-mail ADV riders would be cool...
    Not sure if I can show.

    The e-mail was to Mike at Mikes Motorsports

    Hello Mike
    Below is the information on the video shoot for Saturday 7/26/14. Attached is the description of what the Share the Road is all about. Feel free to send this out including the attachment. I would suggest to print this and the attachment and display them at your front counter if you have one. Any one can contact me if they have any questions. Thank you for your support in this great cause.
    Some of you may have heard or sent out emails regarding the the video shoot. Here is a summery of what the videos are for. As you know I am making a new DVD for the STR program and I need videos of Wisconsin bikers to put into the DVD. Here are some examples of the shots I need, formation riding, show a car passing correctly, lane sharing, among others. I would like to see a variety of people and motorcycles not just harleys. They do not have to be ABATE members include friends and relatives. Please pass this on to the members and ask them to talk to any one they know. The more the better. This will happen rain or shine (we need to pray for the shine).
    Here is the location and information on the video shots for the new STR DVD.
    The date of the video shoot is 7/26/14
    The staging area will be at the park n ride in Johnson Creek WI exit 267 on I94 between Milwaukee and Madison. The park n ride is on the south side of I94 look for a tent and motorcycles.
    Please be there by 9:30 am. The filming will start at 10 am sharp and continue all day to about 7 pm. We will have food, water and soda for everyone.
    Here is a summery of how the day will go. I will need at least eight to ten motorcycles there by 10 am to start filming. If you would like to come but can not make it by 9:30 am not a problem. Just let me know about what time you can be there. The filming will be going on all day and there will be several different shots through out the day so when ever you arrive we will use you. You do not need to be there all day. If you have a commitment that morning, afternoon or evening but want to be involved just come out before or after your commitment.
    I know this is short notice but spread the word. I would like to see a variety of people and motorcycles. The more variety the better.
    Thank you
    Patrick Kain
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