Youngstown, OH to Hawks Nest, NY route 97

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    Im leaving from the Youngstown, OH area. I'm planning on taking 11 to 322 to 6 east to 97N. How far North is 97 a good ride? What would a good route off of 97 back to Ohio be?

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    Since your coming in from Rt. 6 I would recommend getting off 6 in Hawley. Just north of the Lake Wallenpaupack spillway is a road, 590 heading east. A couple of miles east is another paved road on the right hand side, the only marking is a sign that says Kimbles. This road runs along side the Lackawaxen River to the confluence with the Delaware River.

    This is one of the best roads in eastern PA. Where the two rivers meet is the Zane Grey Museum, a nice place to take a break.

    Just a hundred yards south is the Roblings Bridge across the Delaware, take this and you're on 97. The best section is the Hawks Nest just a few miles north of Port Jervis. So turn right head down to Port, then go back up again. 97 is a nice ride all the way to Hancock. If you go that far be sure to turn off to the section that says Skinners Falls.

    If there has been any rain and the river is up you can sit on the side, eat some lunch and watch the canoes and kayaks try to survive the falls.

    During big water, Rangers will be pointing out the safe path and more Rangers will be pulling out those who need help. They really want you wearing the life preserver's here.

    If your the right age a side trip to Woodstock may be called for. Not much to see but for us geezer's it's a place to reflect on our youth.

    I'll leave the routing back to other's but I will say that a lot of Rt. 6 is really over rated.
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    US 6 has been steadily "improved" over the years which means that the most entertaining sections get straightened and widened. There are still some sections of older road. Then the recent fracking along much of U.S. 6 has increased the amount of traffic along it. Last time I was on 6 the fracking was most concentrated near Towanda and to the east, but it spreads in all directions, just less densly.

    I enjoyed PA 706 from near Towanda to New Milford (at I-81). On the west end of PA 706 there's PA 409 and many smaller roads that it would be tedious to explain. From New Milford and to the east are gravel roads through a large Wildlife Management Area. Few road signs. Most roads don't go E and W. Entertaining, but bring a GPS.

    NY 97 goes north only a short distance from your destination in Hawk's Nest to Hancock, NY. But north of there are NY 30 and NY 10 which have both been entertaining for me.

    Going to the west from that part of NY, one idea is US 20, the old turnpike, but it IS an old turnpike. There were still old motels and restaurants along it just a few years ago -- it's a look at how travel used to be more than a set of curves to pilot.

    In spite of the changes US 6 remains fairly efficient but more interesting than a freeway. If you have good GPS-fu you can stay between I-80 and US 6. You'll end up using dozens of different county and state roads and go through such metropolises as Driftwood. Some sections will be gravel.

    The geology of the whole area has ridges running mostly NE and SW, so it's easier to make the little roads go those directions. Major E W roads take more money. Smaller E W roads don't go as far; they may be more fun but you need to use a larger number of them.