Your gonna do what? On a Harley?!

Discussion in 'Americas' started by ironman44, Aug 19, 2008.

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    Read Emilio Scotto's "Longest Ride" and you will revise the term "crazy" and also the idea about what can be done with an HD;-)
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    Jul 30, 2008
    I have got a HD Dyna Wide Glide and my longest trip was a 4 hour ride. The only thing I really do not like is the engine vibration. At higher speeds it seems more like a hum, but it is annoying. Maybe the 6 speed trans is better. Floor boards also help. My wife would never travel on the back for more than 2 hours. None the less, I love it and would like to go on a trip sometime just to see what it is like.

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    The proper tool for the job is a 4WD Toyota truck with a camper shell.

    Second choice is a Harley.
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    It's not too late to get yourself a disposable dual-sport. Sure you can drool over a new 1200ADV, but you're going places where an awful lot of people make less than $1000 per year. If you want to really taste the culture, you're going to have to dial-down the ostentatious wealth. You can still have fun on the Harley, but you'll have more fun on something cheaper.

    Sure, you're still under warrany, but getting your bike to a dealer? It's better to be able to fix things your self.

    There's a reason why a lot of transcontimental riders carry extra tires. If you take a dual-sport 650, or if you ride a bigger BMW or V-Strom, you'll be able to change your own tire. On my '96 1100GS, I can remove the rear wheel, remove the tire from the wheel, install a new tube, and install a new tire, in less than an hour.

    I don't mean to rain on you. You can do it on a harley. There are some fantastic roads where the harley will be awesome. (And there are some truly shitty roads where your harley is going to suck.)

    Mexico is totally civilized and developed, compared to huge parts of South America.

    What's your range? It's not unusual to find closed gas stations. I had a 350 mile range but usually got fuel every 200 miles. A few times I was really, really glad to have 150 miles of reserve. (Barb ran out of fuel twice. Both times were from mis-managment, but you can't blame her. It can get pretty stressful and overwhelming sometimes. You'll think there's got to be a gas station up ahead... and then there isn't!) There are some long stretches in Colombia, Peru, Chile, and Argentina. The roads in the long stretches are awesome, but only if you have enough fuel to enjoy it.

    Sorry- that's it for my rant.

    ps: I secretly want to ride a Road King to Ushuaia. If you make it to Ushuaia, I'll be so fucking jealous. :clap
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    This is just repeating what many have stated so far. If you want to ride your Harley, ride your Harley. Is the BMW better suited to what you plan to do? Sure it is!
    I ran into a guy on a fully dressed Harley towing a trailer in Deadhorse, AK a while back that was "air-mailing" his bike and trailer home. The haul road ate his (and his bike's) lunch. The trailer had a broken axel, he had laid the bike down twice (much damage to his fairing and bags) and just didn't feel like riding back that road. I truly wanted to take a picture of him getting his trailer ready to load onto the plane.
    After he cavalierly relayed the story of his trip, his quote to me was, "I did get the T-shirt". For the money he was spending to get the bike to Anchorage (several thousand $$$), that is one expensive t-shirt!
    I also met a few guys that were on street bikes (Yamaha Concours and a BMW RT) that didn't have any problems with it.
    That story isn't meant to shy you away from taking the Harley, or even buying the BMW, it is meant to say that you should be able to go almost everywhere that that BMW goes if you are prudent and don't think you can tow a trailer to the most remote spots on earth at high speeds.
    Did I mention that the guy on the Harley stated he was able to hit speeds of 60 on that haul road?
    Ride what you want, ride safe, ride for the conditions you have been given and HAVE FUN!

    What bike am I on? A GS ADV...
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    Any one can walk in off the street and order the HD Police tyres.

    They are listed in the HD Police Bike Parts Manuals.

    They are a run flat Dunlop and ARE NOT rated for 2 Up riding.

    Other than that, go for it.

    We normally get 10K +/- from the Rears and closer to 20K from the Front "Police" tyres.

    Ride Em
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    :oscar So you are saying that the best HD is a Goldwing?
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    I was just reminded why I won't ride anything without a center stand.
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    Please please PLEASE put an ADV sticker on that thing and takes some pics that show A) the sticker, and B) the HD logo and C) some extraordinary off-the-beaten-path scenery.

    Stir things up a bit.