Your must do off road rides in North America

Discussion in 'Regional Forums' started by Rad, Feb 19, 2003.

  1. Rad

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    Sep 24, 2001
    I have always kept a mental list of rides I must do some day. Im realistic so my list stays pretty much with the continent I live on and I add and subtract from the list as I complete a ride or hear of a new one.

    On my short list of ones I have not done yet but must do are:

    Copper Canyon, Mexico- the daddy of them all

    Oregon Discovery Route, 700 miles of off road from one border of Oregon to the other

    White Rim Trail, Canyonlands Utah- 100 or so miles of trail

    Hole in the Rock, Escalante Grand Staircase Utah-kinda not much of a ride just 60 or so miles of dirt but I’ve been to Hole in the Rock from a boat so I gotta get there once by land.

    Mengal Pass, Death Valley- not an epic ride but it stopped me once and that just don’t sit right with me

    Trans America Trail, have not made up my mind about this one yet

    Any body got any must do off road rides that they have not done yet?
  2. jdiaz

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    Feb 27, 2002
    Flyover State
    The abandoned railroad bed trail around the Kootenay Lakes in British Columbia. We did a very short section of it. Here's a map:

    There's a whole unpaved world of north Idaho from Lolo Pass southward that looks intriguing.

  3. R-dubb

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    Aug 4, 2001
    San Francisco
    Cooper Canyon is also near the top of my list. Might be over rated, but some day I'm gunna check it out.

    The one I'm totally obsessed by is the Dempster Highway in N.T. 200 miles each way. One fuel stop about halfway. Muddy, rocky tundra with absolutely no escape! Much of it is above the arctic circle. Runs from near Dawson City northeast to Inuvik.

    An easy, but spectacular, unpaved ride in AK is the Denali Hwy. About 100 miles of the most beautiful, rugged alpine scenery in Alaska. At least the part Alaska that can be accessed by road.


  4. ShaftEd

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    Nov 6, 2001
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    Living in SoCal, I have ventured to Baja a few times, but never gone all the way to Cabo San Lucas. Man, I just gotta do that one soon.:drums
  5. Caribou Aqua Buddha

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    Jan 3, 2003
    "There's a whole unpaved world of north Idaho from Lolo Pass southward that looks intriguing."

    Yes , Excellent country, There are ways to get through there without going on hwy 12. I want to start at Dworshak dam, and come out at Superior MT, maybe camp at Kelly Creek Campground.

    And I too am thinking of a mostly dirt crossing of OR, problem is there are about 6 diferent ways it could be done.

    Crossing the Alvord desert.

    Crossing the Black Rock Desert, and coming out at Denio NV.

    Jarbridge Mtns

    Ride to the top of Steens Mtn (highest dirt road in Oregon) Camp on top.

    That rails to trails in southern BC if it is still open to motorcycles,(if not then by bicycle)

    Hwy 20 in South Central BC Coast Range, again, with Vancouver Island, and more time to explore the Island.

    I already have a route mapped out that roughly parallels the Pacific Crest Trail and stays on dirt roads that are open, the length of Oregon.

    I still have not been to Mt Ashland the back way starting from Applegate LK.

    Full length of the Forestry Trunk Road in Alberta Canada, ( on the way back from Yukon trip)

    Great Divide Basin in WY.

    Elgin Or to Troy Or, the Back way.

    Lakeview Or to Frechglen OR, through Warner Valley.

    There is rumoured to be a route through the Cabeza Prieta Wildlife refuge in southern AZ?

    Flaming Gorge to Northwestern Co following the Green River.

    Sun Valley ID to Boise ID on dirt.

    Visit Yellow Pine and Big Creek ID.

    Carrizo Gorge on Ca/Mexico border, (did it on a Mtn Bike, not sure if it could be done on a DS)

    Coyote Canyon near Borrego Springs Ca, (did that also on a MTB, and not sure if it is open to motorized travel?)

    Those will keep me busy for awhile
    :huh Bentspoke