You've been spotted!!!!

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    Feb 13, 2010
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    I was in Terre Haute, Indiana today and was pulling a trailer load of bulk landscape mulch. There had been a wreck on westbound I-70 and traffic had been re routed thru T. H. on US 40. As I was working my way from the NW side to the SW side of town I saw three GS's (I think) loaded with gear headed west on Margaret Ave. at 25th st. I only got a fleeting glimpse because of the extra traffic.....

    But I'm sure the lead bike had a triangular ADV sticker on the rear fender.

    Margaret would have been a good exit 11 to exit 7 bypass if going west as it runs right on the north side of the I. Although the whole town was loaded up with traffic.

    If it was you..... Hope your having a great trip!!!

    I'm gonna blast down to St. Louis Sunday myself and pick up a High output stator I bought from another inmate.

    Wave if you see me!!!!:clap