Yukon/Alaska/NWT in 2015: Corbeau's trip planning thread

Discussion in 'Americas' started by Corbeau, Aug 11, 2014.

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    We have good friends in Whitehorse and my 14-year-old son will spend the month of July 2015 with them in the Yukon.

    Once that decision was made, it took about two seconds to come up with the idea of a long ride to visit him and our friends. I'm thinking 4-6 weeks on the road as soon as I'm done teaching in late June: TCAT in Ontario, back roads to Edmonton, AK Highway to Whitehorse. Dawson, Inuvik, Top of the World Highway. Then what? Who knows, head south through BC, come back east just south of the 49th parallel?

    My previous rides were on my VFR, sport-touring, but limited in time. I've had a week or ten days to get my fix of wanderlust, gobbling miles of asphalt, always in a rush to return on time.

    Not this ride: I'll be on my 640 Adventure with no itinerary cast in stone. If I feel like it, I'll be free to spend two days in a nice campground to relax and read, Nomadgal-style. The only provision is that I have to be in Whitehorse sometimes in July...

    On this thread, I'll share my preparation and planning (a lot of the former, not much of the latter...) Meantime, some random notes:
    • Camping, sometimes stealthily, sometimes in provincial parks. Motel every 3-4 days to dry out, do laundry, upload pictures and update the RR.
    • I want to travel light, without a pair of huge dry bags tied to the side cases. Small Wolfman tank bag, the factory H&B side cases and a Pelican 1500 as a top box for my photo gear (gripped Canon 7D, 10-22mm, 50mm and 70-200mm)
    • Among the gizmos: 13" MacBook Pro and LaCie Rugged Drive for Lightroom and Photoshop work. A Chromebook, albeit lighter, just won't cut it... Garmin Montana (and paper maps!), small roll chart holder for the TCAT.
    • On the passenger seat behind my butt, and only if it doesn't fit in the cases: tent, thermarest and tripod.
    • Brand-new K60s prior to departure. Because I have a base in Whitehorse, I could swap them for TKCs to play north, reinstalling the Scouts for the return leg.
    • Oil change and other maintenance as required in Whitehorse, without rushing.
    • A lot of preventative maintenance over the winter in my heated garage. I have to remember that this new-to-me LC4 engine is not the same as a bulletproof 800cc VTEC.
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    Just a quick 'hello', and to watch your thread. Same plans for 2015, in that I'm looking at 6-weeks from Northern CA to AK. Will keep in touch,