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    Jul 20, 2006
    Whitehorse, Yukon
    Hi all!!
    Completed a cross Canada ride a few years ago and I'm now thinking of a ride to New Orleans.
    My old Yamaha VStar 650 is not a fast bike and I don't want to be screaming down an Interstate, so any and all ideas for routing would be very much appreciated.
    I prefer to tent along the way and will use Tentspace as much as I can but I wonder what creepy crawlers will I have to deal with as I get into the warmer areas and are there lots of camping oportunities along the way?
    Certainly want to avoid twisters and the sort, so any ideas on the best weather window would be great.
    Google tells me it's around 6000 Km one way and I like to run about 700 Km a day so just the trip will be 18-20 days plus whatever time I spend at various spots along the way.

    Ill probably be asking lots more as the planning process goes along but any help and advise would be awesome!
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    Feb 9, 2008
    If your 650 is not an enjoyable freeway bike then why are you even thinking of doing 700 Kelvin per day ? That is 973C and hot enough to melt, brass, bronze ,aluminum and lead and would really mess up the Yamaha plastic and rubber .
    Am I right in supposing that you really meant to say 700 km per day ?
    In that case I would advise against trying for such a distance each day if you want to enjoy the ride on your VStar . Trying to cover 700km in ONE day on the fun roads , two laners with a good supply of curves and scenery ( if available ), will be a slog to do between breakfast and bed time. A 700km day might be workable on some of the high plains with those highways that disappear over a horizon or a distant desert mountain ridge . Dont just look at the trip as needing to be a bunch of breakneck speed runs to connect a few dots where you throw off the shackles of a schedule . You already provided the info that you have time available to " spend at various spots " . So take each day as a relaxing fun ride , take side trips off a main route if it looks interestig , be satisfied if you cover only around 400km , feel free to stop off at any time something interesting crosses your field of view .
    Summer days will be longer than winter days- but not as long as summer days in the Yukon ,you should have remembered that from your cross Canada ride .
    In the southern US the summer days are even shorter , so remember you need to spend some time finding/booking a camping place well before nightfall .

    Looking for a free wild-camping spot in the dark is not fun .Thereare lots of places to camp ,state parks , National Forest etc , but you need to set up before dark . Doing that in the dark could put you in the middle of an area infested with ticks or poison ivy .. Bear country is all over the west in mountain areas so be alert .
    Your first leg of the trip will of course be to get you somewhere south into BC where you have not been before , so that might be .....where ? and.... how much time can you really permit yourself ?

    After that just pick out whatever direction you want and use the squiggly lines on the map to get you towards NOLA.Keep in mind that you will be going back to Whitehorse by using different roads until the repeats become unavoidable closer to home . 20190613161953.png How about some route like this , hitting the Okanagan Valley, central Idaho, the Salt Lake desert, southern Wyoming and the Snowy range, Rabbit Ears Pass in CO and a loop down through CO and NM , Texas Hill country or the Ouachita Mts of OK and across into Arkansas and south through MS to NOLA .

    There is so much to see so it is sort of pointless at this stage to give a pile of suggestions .What are your interests ?
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    Dec 23, 2007
    Look up Great River Road byway a collection of twisties along Mississippi River. US-2 and great river would be a nice ride.

    Alternatively take US-191 and US-66 to St Louis then GRR.. or US-101/Pacific Coast hwy to LA then US-66. Either would be an awesome ride free from freeways. (Well almost as you would have to get on I-40 when you're following 66).
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