Yuma, AZ. Barry M Goldwater Range, and around! Dec2018 to March 2019

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    Aug 26, 2018
    What's happening peeps!

    So, after a bit of guidance, managed to find this link to getting a permit for the Barry M Goldwater Range, ONLINE. It looks like it'll be the only way to do it from December 14th onwards.


    It took me about 20mins, which includes watching a 14 minute video. If you go to the "directions" tab, it couldn't be simpler!

    Anyway, I'll be riding (at the weekends, I am after all on a working trip) around here for the next few months. Last year, I did Harquahala Mountains around Salome, Bill Williams Overlook, Bradshaw Trail, on a 450xcw, but this year will be on a 1090R, so should be a fun challenge but not too green to the trails.

    Anyway, putting up a general "shout-out" if anyone wants to ride these areas, let me know!

    I'm also looking to do some things around Borrego Springs too.