YZ125 vs YZ250 for trail bike?

Discussion in 'Thumpers' started by Awasome, Dec 19, 2014.

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    I'd say this should only apply to guys/gals that have been riding for years and are moving up from something like an XR200 they've absolutely mastered.

    I rode 250 2-Stroke MX Bikes for years offroad. The learning curve was super steep for me because I was a pure novice in the dirt (I rode junk 70s bikes in fields and dirt roads for years but never hit the gnar with those bikes). I like you took my KX 250 right into the woods and rode it in pure MX form. But I would've had a much easier time if I had been on a KDX though. I bought into the whole "KDX has shit suspension" thing and bought the KX for just a couple hundred bucks more than the KDX.

    On thing EVERY MX bike will need is a spark arrestor silencer if you plan on riding it on public lands. The flywheel weight is nice because you won't stall the bike as much. Not having it will probably teach you how to use the clutch better though.

    I ride a KTM 300 now and I feel like it's the best bike ever. It's so much easier to ride, not really because of the power plant but because it has suspension that is designed for riding in the woods.
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    Fair enough. I dual sported a few years then raced KDX200s a couple years before I got my first 250. Coming off a thumper, even a KDX has a holy-shit powerband. But I feel 250s have an undeserved reputation as being hard to ride. Just crack the throttle and there's smooth torque at stupid low RPMs. Whack it open and you can lift the front wheel anywhere, anytime.
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    Feb 4, 2014
    I'm trying to workout a deal for a 1997 YZ125 now. Is there something I should be aware of about that year or is it just like the 99 and 2000? It has devol suspension, and a carb off a 1999. Is changing carbs bad? He says it runs good now but will need a piston and rings in the near future. He is asking $1000 for it. I'm thinking I could get it for $600, its not the best looking if you know what I mean.