YZ250F as a trails bike? Also, maintenance/lifespan

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    A good friend of mine is selling his 2006 YZ250F in excellent condition for $2k. I've been riding road bikes for years, but I've never even thrown a leg over a dirt bike. If I got it, it would be to do some rides on the desert trails here in Tucson. I'm not planning on racing it or taking it off jumps, I'm just looking for something that will be fun. I'm also a mountain biker (bicycle) so I have a good level of technical skills in the tough stuff.

    What worries me is that I've heard the YZ250F is a purebred race bike, and using it for anything other than all-out MX racing is a waste. Why is that? Is it because the maintenance is high? I don't mind changing the oil and rings, in fact I love doing that type of maintenance. But what worries me is when I watch some of the reviews for this bike, they say, "This bike will last you a full season" Uh... what exactly does that mean, that the bike will seize up and die after a season?

    If I buy it with the intention of doing trails riding, nothing too extreme, and keep up on the maintenance, how long will this bike last me?

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    The YZ250F is as dependable of a bike MX bike as you can find. I have had 3 WR250F's that had about 7000 miles of hard off road only on them when I traded them. The valves never needed adjustment and never had to ring any of them. The WR uses the same engine with different cam timing to tone down the hit and slight carb, differences. Google "WR free mods" to see the differences and instructions how the tune it to WR specs. It is a "race bike" but high maintenance it is not.
    The suspension is a little stiff compared to the WR also, you can find used stock WR springs for cheap if you want to make that a little more friendly, since you won't be jumping it.