YZ250FX vs. WR250F vs GPX FSE250E

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    Aug 24, 2015
    So I’m thinking about picking up one of these in the near future (MY 2016 and up). Anyone have any hands on experience with them? I’m also looking for some comparisons between these bikes and KTM’s 350 EXC-F. Not planning on converting to dual sport so I’m not interested in road comparisons. Mostly want to know how they handle single track, rock gardens, hill climbs, etc... how the suspension handles these situations and what kind of power characteristics I can expect with each bike.

    Edit: let’s add the new GPX FSE250E to the mix just for fun. I’m not even sure if I can get one of these in California or not.
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    I've got a 2015 WR250F which I've converted to FX spec (ECU and exhaust) and added rekluse, tubliss and steering damper. It's a great bike, stock suspension is fantastic. I've done all the gnarly Sierra singletrack that I do on my 300 2T, you just have to work harder due to the weight and where it's placed (higher CG).

    There is very little difference between the WR and FX. I went with the WR because I was buying new and it came stock with a fan and lights. I did the ECU upgrade and derestrictions before I even rode it. The WR has suspension settings that favor slower, gnarlier terrain. The FX is firmer, meant for race conditions.

    You can't go wrong with either bike, pick the best deal and go with it.

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    As to the GPX, no. That's an air cooled play bike, but still a very good one. In no way does it have power even close to the WR or YZFX, but most people seem to like the suspension on those bikes as trail bikes.
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    You should also consider the yz250x. It is a bike that can do track and trails. It's very light, feels like you are maneuverin a mountain bike on trails and has plenty of power. I have always been a 4 stroke dirt bike person, til I seen how light the yz250x was. It handles everything like a dream!

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    Substitute the FSE250R with the FSE250E and you'll have a better comparison.

    The WRF/YZFX is going to make more power and is going to rev out more. The FSE250R is going to have better suspension and handling characteristics. It's not a slouch, but doesn't have a 14k rev limiter.

    Then there's price point. You can get a FSE250R with 300cc big bore kit and an entire spare drop in engine for the cost of a new WRF.
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    You must mean the R model GPX?

    I have the same engine in my LXR, different f.i. and the TSE chassie is the same as the FSE so on that I can comment.

    The new FSE will have out of the box raceable suspension. 180lbs, Vet A. spot on the $$$. First set of suspension Im not sending out in decades.

    The brakes are on par with my Brembos on my FC450. The top end power of the Zong will not match a MX based 250f. It will lug and chug though, and its built like a RFS KTM, but better power than I remember on the EXC250f RFS. Drag racing you will probably lose. Charging for a full HS you will not be as beat up.

    Id give a real hard look at the TSE. As my friend says about it, its a two stroke that thinks its a 4T. Its smoother running than the 250f, than ANY 250f. WR gear box and its flickablity is pure 2T. Think about a line and you hit it. Skim too close to a tree and you can miss it where a 4T bulldozes you into It. Without much effort the 2T can save your ass. Easier to ride, oil inj takes out that chore, gas anywhere.

    I expected mine to be a one year ride until a f.i. 125/150 2T came out. Now I think its the best choice for me unless those come with counterbalancers and are at least this smooth.
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    I picked up a 2017 YZ250FX leftover about a month ago. I really like this bike a lot. I've had a KTM 250 & 300, and a 09 WR250F in recent years. I got the suspension set up for me and had it lowered 1" in the suspension. Stock it is set up for an aggressive rider I think. Stiff suspension. I went with the FX because my WR's suspension was definitely too soft for me, and I like to ride MX tracks as well as trails. The fuel injection is really snappy off idle plus the throttle has a very light feel, and it takes some getting used too. I haven't played around with the injection & ignition mapping, not yet anyways. I probably have about 10 hours on it now and am pretty happy with it. It likes to be ridden fast and behaves well, in fact the handling is just a hoot. I'm not a racer, but I have ridden some enduros and hare scramble races in the past. I'm turning 60 in a couple of weeks, and this bike was an early birthday present to myself, lol.
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