Zega pro top box moved backwards on F8GS?

Discussion in 'Parallel Universe' started by niklasthedolphin, Feb 13, 2013.

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    Dec 23, 2008
    South Zealand, Denmark
    My wife and I have the F800GS 2009.

    We were early out getting the Zega Pro And S 31/38L pannier set and later on, when available, the Zega pro And S 38L top box/top case.

    We have the BMW comfort seat if any influence on our issue here.

    We travel around Europe two up each summer but since we got the top box, the ride have become rather unpleasant for both of us.
    There's simply not enough space for riding two up (at least not our size) while the top box is mounted.
    It's like I eather have to lean uncomfortably much forward and down towards the handlebar with my entire torso og my wife is pushing her back too much against the top box.

    The Top box is sitting on top of the Touratech Standard Top Case Bracket which sits on top of the Stainless Steel Luggage rack.

    My question is if anybody have had succes altering the positioning point of the top box backwards to make more space for the pillion rider or if anyone have any idea IF it in any way is possible?
    Also if it will weaken the attachment in any hazard way if it was put further back by a blacksmith?

    Thanks for reading.