Zig Zag (has anyone seen Ararat?)

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    Stephan (theGermanBlOkE) rang me Saturday night while it was absolutely pissing down to organise a ride for today, I must admit as much as I wanted to go for a ride I didn't really want to comit the way the weather and forecast were, so we tentatively said yes subject to weather. Sunday dawned beautiful and it was ON! :evil I met Stephan at his place and the plan was to meet up with Ararat on the road, we tried ringing him a couple of times and eventually got him as he was about 10 minutes out of Bell .... about an Hour and a half ahead of us! we tried to organise a meet up but I'm not sure he heard it before his reception died, anyway we got on our way and made it to Bell and no sign of him, we carried on to the Zig Zag railway carpark and had a coffee and a pie, still no sign of Ararat so we went and asked some guys on KTM's if they'd seen him, they had! but said he was well off the main tacks when they'd seen him, Anyway, bouyed by this we went onto the dirt and went for a look. Neither of us had been here before so the KTM guys gave us a bit of advice and we just muddled our way through, we were riding the well formed dirt road and I spotted a looser one paralleling it so stoppd and suggested to Stephan we take it, he agreed so I turned to head for it and promptly dropped the bike! hadn't even got half a metre off the road! :huh anyway, restored to the right way up we followed a side track until we found a big motocross track, we watched some young blokes for a bit, then carried on, we stopped to suss out the track we were on as it seemed to be getting steep on the descent and we didn't want to get stuck
    Then I spotted another track on the other side of the Valley and thought that looked promising, we detoured towards it and descended a fairly steep hill that I wasn't too keen to try to get back up! we continued towards the track we'd seen but the closer we got to it the worse it looked, Stephan decided to have a closer look than me and happily rode his bike down a quite steep hill, I decided to stop where I was and watch and sure enough it was a dead end and Stephan now had to come back up! While I was waiting for him to decide what to do next about 5 motocross bikes turned up and also had a look at "Our Hill" they decided against it as well and came back up past me without too much trouble ("See Stephan, it's easy!" :wink: ) he got about halfway back before crashing,
    I waited a while to see if I could get an action shot of the next crash :D then took pity on him and then I laid my bike down went to help, we got it back up then without too much trouble and then carried on back up the hill, we took an alternative route to the one we'd taken down as it would have proved to be very tough to go back up, the new path we chose although easier I'm sure, resulted in another crash for me and a couple for Stephan, we eventually made it back to the main road and decided to go back to the Zig Zag carpark and look for Ararat again, I was almost there when I realised I'd lost Stephan! I turned around and went back and found him picking up is keys on the road, he'd left his tank bag unzipped and luckily had felt his keys hit his leg as they fell out! not so luckily he'd also lost his phone :cry we decided to backtrack and look for it as far as we could without doing the big hill again, so using my GPS we backtracked and 10 minutes later Stephan was happily re-united with his phone! :clap
    We carried on and found some sand which Stephan obviously liked the look of as he decided to have a lie down in it! :evil then we eventually found ourselves back at the motocross track, another chat to a guy there got us some directions to some good trails and another confirmed sighting of the elusive Ararat :huh We went to find these new trails and had a ball, checked out another track that went very steep, Stephan had learnt his lesson now so walked down for a look and found it seemed to end so we back tracked and found a reasonable trail that we followed to the end
    You can just see Stephan as he's turning around at the end
    I decided to call it quits now as I wanted to get home before dark, so we made our way back out and returned to Sydney via Bells Line of road with a stop for coffee and Apple Pie (with whipped cream :evil ) at the Bilpin Fruit Bowl. All up I managed a 360km round trip today and had a ball! Thanks Stephan for the company, sorry there aren't more photos ... my batteries were very low then eventually died :cry
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    thanks very much for ur summary... i had to start 2 times again on some text parts because i was laughing and remembered straight away what i was thinking before a fall " oh sand oh soft sand ahhh throttle ahhh toooo late":D
    hope u had fun. . . hope too ararat is ok and do not have to sleep somewhere at zickzack... was quite cold up there at 11am.

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    Thanks for the worries.
    I am fine mate. was a great day there but have not been able to ring out. i was out of reception while we were yapping...
    I see you had a great time too.